x360a: E3 2009: Fallout 3's Point Lookout Preview

x360a writes: "The fourth piece of downloadable content for Bethesda's hugely successful Fallout 3 is but weeks away and looks to offer a slightly different slant on the DLC we've seen to date. Point Lookout, which is nearly complete and is just going through the final stages of testing and certification, throws you into a mysterious land on the coast of Maryland, accessible from the Duchess Gambit, Tobar's ferry situated along the Potomac River. The main quest of Point Lookout asks you to choose side in a local conflict between Desmond and the Tribals over a mysterious local fruit, the Punga Fruit.

Unlike the downloadable content so far, Point Lookout doesn't lock the player in to the main quest line so players can come and go as they please. The main quest of Point Lookout is said to take between 3 and 4 hours to complete but players can tackle the side quests situated around the area to squeeze a few more hours out of the adventure..."

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