Interview with Playstation boss Kaz Hirai

In a recent interview with the british newspaper The Guardian, Playstation boss Kaz Hirai talks about the PSP Go, the PS3 and why he thinks Blu-ray is essential.

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lloyd_wonder3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Smart man. Much respect.

"Look at the Eyetoy. We've had phenomenal success with that on PS2. If Microsoft decides they want to do that for 360 then great, that's fantastic."

Lifendz3273d ago

particulary with this:

Q: "In hindsight was the inclusion a Blu-ray drive in the PS3 a mistake?"
Kaz Hirai: "Purely from a gaming standpoint there was no other choice for us. Why? The capacity of the disc. Last year's Metal Gear Solid 4 was pushing 50GB as it was. If it was on DVD it would have been a 6 disc set. The packaging and cost would have been prohibitive and it would have been hugely inconvenient to consumers. So from a gaming standpoint there was really no choice if you wanted a high definition gaming experience. Kojima-san has been pushing the boundaries already."

So true. People discount blu-ray and whether it's needed or not but offering 50gbs was downright essential for MGS4. I doubt Kojima is just touting the company line when he said it wasn't possible on 360 (in so many words at least). The downside to it is obviously the cost, but by being so forward thinking in their format I think Sony can go 10 years or maybe even longer.

Great read. So excited to see what PS3 does in the future.

Foxgod3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Posted wrong info here, real info is below in my next post.

PirateThom3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

You do realise that's the "bonus material" that came on a Blu-ray with the limited edition, don't you? Not the actual game?

Metal_Gear_Solid_4_Guns_of_Th e_Patriots_Limited_Edition_Bon u s_Mat erial_USA_PS3-BAHAMUT

The key here is "Bonus Material".


THAT'S NOT THE GAME! It's the bonus disc that came with the game.


That's the box with the bonus discs.

1 disc, the 50GB disc is the game.
1 disc, the white topped 25GB blu-ray, is bonus material for use in any blu-ray player, it says on the top "Limited Edition Bonus Disc", same as this release you linked to.
1 disc, the silver topped CD, is the Original Soundtrack.

I should know, considering I own the thing.

Jellzy3273d ago

A crap, just logged on 2 point that out. Ya beat me to it... :)

Anyhoo the nfo for the scene release you provided is for the bonus disk which includes the OST and 'the making of' vids.

3273d ago
IdleLeeSiuLung3273d ago

Actually the size is apparently around 30GB (just follow the link in the below thread for a picture proof):

What you posted appears to be some kind of bonus material... Of course, Kojima used a lot of uncompressed sound that takes up the majority of the space

Natsu893273d ago

Foxgod you can't take the truth so you through in lies!

Thats The bonus disc the game disc of mgs 4 has 50 gb.
But iam impressed that just the bonus material is 25 gb nice kojima.

kws10653273d ago

I can easily see who gives disagree to the comment 1.3 and 1.5

PirateThom3273d ago

"I have the habit to bring facts forward, even if it gets me hated i dont care, i only care for the truth."

Then stop spreading nonsense and start reading what you actually link to.

ultimolu3273d ago

Foxgod is off-topic as usual.

Foxgod3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Tnx for pointing that out, heres the nfo to the game instead of the bonus disc.

It appears the game is 30 gb, which means it can still go on 4 dvd's.
And 4 dvd's is not an idiotic amount like 6 dvd's would be.
So no matter how you put it, Kaz is still downplaying dvd, to put blu ray over.

And again, if that 30 gb would be compressed it could fit on 3 dvd's.
SO you tell me how 30 gb is pushing the blu ray to its limits, Kaz is still spreading lies, and the fact that i made a mistake doesnt make me liar, i gave you the fixed info here.

They could have made the game twice as long with the space they had left.

So again, i bring you facts, hate me for it, i dont care, i only care for the truth.

When he says pushing the 50 gb, i expect the game to be 45 + gb, not 30!!, then hes just spreading false info in the media.

Christopher3273d ago

"Motion controllers were big news at E3. Is motion control the future of gaming?

It all depends on what the content creators can do with these new input devices and how they can express their creativity."

Exactly. This goes for both Natal and PS3motion. Screw which one is more innovative, it all depends on what can be done with them by the content creators.

gaffyh3273d ago

@Foxgod - The file size is the size of the compressed iso. As far as I know MGS4 was 35GB I think. Also the Pal version is bigger than the US version.

35/7.3 (size of an Xbox 360 disc) = 4.7 disc = 5 discs AT least.

But here's the problem, textures and stuff need to be repeated on each disc, example I can give you now is FF7. The game came on 3 Discs for PS1 = (650*3) = 1.95GB. But the PSN version is 1.35GB because they can cut out all the repeated stuff.

That means that it would end up being 6 DVDs most likely, unless they downgraded graphics or got rid of some stuff

Foxgod3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

I tho you where talking about the way they need to program textures multiple times for the ps3, something to do with bumpmapping working in a diff way on the ps3.

However, still dont forget that the 360 data can be compressed heavily, while ps3 data doesnt get compressed at all to increase reading speed.

Kaz himzelf said, it would be on 6 dvd's if the blu ray was pushed to its 50 gb limit.
But it wasnt pushed to its 50 gb limit, it used around 30 gb, which means that according to Kaz, a 30 gb game should go on less then 6 dvd's, in fact it would go on 4, according to Kaz his logic.

Anyway, they can lie to consumers, cause you cant see the data size on the back of the disc, but your not lying to people who actually know the disc contents in data size.

Christopher3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Foxgod, your last statement made absolutely no sense.

Of course all games that utilize multiple discs will need to repeat content across the discs, especially textures. You can't go from disc one of Lost Odyssey to disc two and not carry over the necessary textures for the world, characters, etc. Same with the various audio.

This isn't Sony-specific, it's specific to all games that utilize multiple discs.

Edit: @foxgod above - no such thing needed. You may be thinking of trilinear filtering or something similar, but there isn't a need to load three versions of a texture on the disc UNLESS it's an overlay texture that can be reused in various formats. For example, if you had a damage texture overlay, representing damage on vehicles, you could have three versions of it for different vehicle shapes to ensure that damage isn't shown improperly across all 3. But, technically, these would be the same texture but shaped differently, making them different textures all together since they would all be called individually and never at the same time for the same object.

Also, not compressing data actually increases the amount of data that needs to be read. The textures on the 360 tend to be less compressed than those on the PS3 for multiplatform games. That's why 360 games tend to have better 'graphics' outside of lighting and particle effects. Primarily because larger texture files (ie less compressed) can be read and processed by the GPU at the same rate as smaller texture files (ie more compressed) on the PS3.

The above can be programmed around by using shared RAM and using layered textures for quick updates to the environments as you interact with it, but it's very hard to do and has taken Naughty Dog until Uncharted 2 to get it working as well as it has.

Uncompressed audio, which is handled by the general RAM can be read more quickly and processed much faster on both, but the DVD9 doesn't typically have enough space to hold uncompressed audio. So, if you're an audiophile, the PS3 will tend to net you the best sound quality.

Graphic-wise, it's hard to say. We need to see if third-parties are able to implement a lighting, physics, and graphic engine like Naughty Dog or if that type of quality will remain around only for exclusive titles.

Foxgod3273d ago

Actually, 360 scene releases of multi games are generally about 1.5gb smaller then their ps3 counter parts.
And then theres the thing that the 360 got larger security files too, so the diff in game data is more around 2 gb.

Ive seen lots of those.
So the reason that some 360 multi's have a bit better lighting should be because of the gpu, not because of less compressed data.

Christopher3273d ago

Foxgod, that's just plain false. Sorry, but it is.

Foxgod3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

really ?
ps3 red faction 83 x 100 mb.
xbox 360 Red faction 72 x 100 mb

Take of that 1 gb of security files for the 360, and the 360 version becomes even smaller.

Now if a 360 version can save 2 gb, for every 8.5 gb of data, then the 30 gb of MGS4 would end up 23 GB for the 360.
With a little fiddling they could jam it on 3 dvd's.

My point is that Kaz hirai is a liar, Blu ray is not essential, hes lying straight in your face, and you people call him a hero and a gentleman for it.

IdleLeeSiuLung3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

If you have a game spread on multiple discs the core content must be repeated. However, you can compress textures and especially audio. Audio at a high bit rate brings very little extra fidelity for most people so that is the first to be compressed heavily.

According to that link I gave earlier, MGS4 has 18GB's of audio data. That is 60% audio.... SO I would say 3 discs in MGS4 is more than doable, but quality is slightly compromised in comparison to the PS3 version.

Either way, the game is not coming to the 360 so what is the point?

Christopher3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

First, I have to get this out of the way.


Sorry, but you seriously gave me a big laugh at this.

Look, having a bigger file size after compression by a random site is... not proof. You don't know the level of compression of the audio, how the textures were handled from one to another (did the 360 version use less but larger size textures while the PS3 used more but smaller size textures, but resulting in more space?), etc. I mean, we don't even know what else is there besides game data. Did the video elements on the PS3 come with less compression than on the 360? Seriously, it's more likely that both platforms utilize the same 'quality' of textures at the same file size in general, but there is no way that the PS3 version uses less compressed file sizes than the 360 UNLESS they really did a piss poor job with the 360 version of the game.

More detail = larger file size. It's as simple as that.

Also, 1 GB for security? Who the heck are you fooling? Security is on the OS end primarily and the portion on the disc would barely scratch a few megabytes, if that.

Also, Blu-ray is not essential. I completely agree with you. It's just an alternative to DVD9 with its benefits and its issues. But, after seeing Blade Runner in 1080p, it's going to be hard for me to go back to watching movies on DVD9. And those digital compressions don't do it for me either. Honestly, some companies are doing us consumers proud with some great quality HD movie productions.

Foxgod3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Its not a random site, thats official info from scene releases.
And scene releases are subjected to strict standards.

Which means they all need the same compression rate, spanned archive sizes etch.

Or did you think its coincidence that all files are 100 mb each ?
So stop talking, your wrong, and if you know nothing about scene standards and still try forcing in your assumptions, then you make yourself look like a fool.

And last, stop ta`lking about movies, this is about games, and whether blu ray is essential for games, which it is not.

With movies you obviously get a better output with blu ray, but with games you get 0 difference in quality.

Last time i checked, the games on 360 where in HD too.

Willio3273d ago

blu-ray brought great HD. It is essential.

Christopher3273d ago

Foxgod, how big is an audio file at 256 kb/s compared to a file at 128 kb/s? How about when you compress them individually?

I'm sorry, but you're just plain wrong. Extremely. If the graphics in a 360 game have more detail, that means the graphics that they use are larger in file size due to the added detail. Are you going to tell me that the graphics for GTA4, which were at a higher resolution on the 360 than the PS3, are smaller in size due to some miracle compression that couldn't be used on the PS3? Popycock. Why? Because they would build that compression code into their engine on both, not just one of them.

Sorry, but that site proves absolutely nothing other than the Blu-ray is holding more data. But what data? Is it uncompressed audio? Is it uncompressed video for cut scenes/trailers/etc?

And, you fail to see that I agreed with you on Blu-ray not being required for gaming and went right after me for saying it does have its purpose.

Babylonian3273d ago

You remind me of somebody who talks the same way as you. And he's also Dutch and hates any new about Sony. Mart, you fµcktard is that you?!

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DeforMAKulizer3273d ago

I really like Kaz...
Very humble, and smart business man...
Its a very nice reading! =D

Lifendz3273d ago

One of the few guys in the industry whose firing would cause me to be a little worried about where PS3 is going.

whoelse3273d ago

Very true. Better than that Xbox guy with a strange name that I can't remember. I think his surname begins with a G or something.

crillyconlig3273d ago

thats a nice man there, wish more where like him

snaz273273d ago

what a respectful man, no boasting or saying "we want everyone to play only the ps3" etc (as ms have said on many occasions), he did point out the 5 year life cycle of the other systems however but i didnt feel he did it with any kind of venim, but THE most important thing i got from that interview was THE PS3 IS NOT GOING TO REMOVE THE BLU-RAY DRIVE! yipee im glad kaz understands his customers, and by the way he was talking i very very much doubt that the ps4 will be download only either, which im very happy about. the day when the playstation goes download only is the day i leave console gaming.

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