Two new PSP 3000 models revealed

Sony has send out another press-release with two new PSP models (bundles).

- Mystic Silver PSP-3000 and Pearl White PSP

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RememberThe3573389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

You heard how load people got over the Hanna Montana PSP lol.

I'm not really sure how Monster Hunter is going to do though. I personally hate how the game controls so it's release doesn't have me exited. Hopefully, for Sony and Capcom's sake, I'm apart of the minority.

Kain813389d ago

the new Model is the PSPgo

sinncross3389d ago

Tackling younger demographics is not a bad move at all, so I think the Petz bundle is a good idea.

the MH bundle was always going to happen.. if it has the same impact in other regions as it did Japan, then many PSP's could be shifted during its release date.

kewlkat0073389d ago

Don't feel like buying new mem cards and all that new proprietary stuff with the Go.

TheMART3389d ago

Already have a PSP Fat and PSP Slim white with custom firmware. So don't need a non moddable PSP 3000...

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