Boy Shoots Brother Dead In Video Game Row

An 11-year-old boy has accidentally killed his nine-year-old brother with a shotgun after an argument about a computer game.

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The Meerkat3270d ago

but the Tea-bagging afterwards was deliberate.

Information Minister3269d ago

That was just so wrong on so many levels!

I almost lost my lunch laughing.

LastDance3269d ago

got away with murder! I have to revise my tactics.

Trebius3269d ago

With a SHOTGUN?!!!?!?!?!??

What is this world coming to...where we say ACCIDENTALLY...when a 9 yearold gets blasted with a SHOTGUN by an 11 year old.

The word ACCIDENTALLY has no place in this article.

TheRealSpy023269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

where does an 9 year old kid get a loaded shot gun?

who brings a gun to an argument with their brother?

why is it that these ppl always accidentally shoot someone else and not themselves? they are always retarded enough to point a loaded gun at someone but never make the mistake of looking in the barrel.

where are the parents in all this?

and that comment about the tea bagging was perfect... despite the tragedy.

FamilyGuy3269d ago

Why was there a loaded shotgun that was accessible to these children anyways? The dad should stand trail for this.

ThanatosDMC3269d ago

That's why parents shouldn't show where those guns are located especially with kids playing around.

@ The Meerkat

You totally made this sad article funny.

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ChrisGTR13270d ago


qface643270d ago

i blame the parents OBVIOUSLY

RememberThe3573270d ago

These situations can easily be stopped with one of these.

DavidMacDougall3269d ago

Why blame the parents? Is it cause their not around but the video games are?

LastDance3269d ago

thank God Americans have gun laws that give them the right to protect themselves from bad people!

The parents should terminate themselves in shame.

and what's the bet the kids were playing 15+ video games.

Quickedie3269d ago

Don't worry, it happens about only 30.000(!) times annually. About 30000 people in America get killed by guns annually. 90% of them by handguns. No wonder the NRA is fighting hard against federal tracking of gun deaths.

Gotta love the 2nd ammendment, because I like shooting.

And yeah, whats the purpose of a loaded shotgun in the house? Daddy did a great job "protecting" his familiy.

Armyless3269d ago

just like Spoons make Rosie O' Donnell fat.

I don't understand why we just don't outlaw Murder, then he wouldn't have killed him.

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Bob Dole3270d ago

People assume if they ever need to shoot someone a gun-lock would take too long to unlock.... oh and people are fuggin idiots, that too.

Kain813269d ago


LastDance3269d ago

Humans kill humans...lets ban humans.

qface643269d ago

what no don't ban me Dx

mastiffchild3269d ago

Gun locks would be less than perfect anyway. My dad used to lock the booze away from us but we still managed to get a key for ourselves anyway-kids can be devious little gits and shouldn't be underestimated. The fact is if there's a gun in your home your kid has a chance of getting his/her mits on it.

Don't you have to do more than just pull the trigger of a loaded shotty anyway? If it was a pump action amnd they found the casing doesn't that suggest the lad was preparing another shot? Dunno about semis but I think even then this "accident" is being glossed right over. Jesus, what makes anyone think that the 11 year old, who has lied once here remember, didn't load the gun himself-it's not difficult is it??

The icing on the cake is the way we're supposed to take the notiin that gaming was in some way responsible for this. My two boys argue over gaming(7 and 11)but it isn't the games they play as they'll argue over literally anything as any brothers will tell you. Sibling rivalry can be serious believe me.

And even if they were playing a 15+ game it wouldn't be th games fault. Firstly the parents should know what the kids play and take care of it and also we played games just as violent in our youth without video games coming into it-British Bulldog, Cowboys and Indians(sorry ethnis Americans we didn't know any better back then I'm sorry to say)and Japs and Commandos(again sorry to our Japanese friends)-and got pretty heated in our arguments over them. Noone got killedthough-because there was no way on earth we could get our hands on something that kills remotely and by accident-y'know a gun.

The US gun laws are a joke fuelled by people wanting to shoot which when this is the inevitable outcome, is selfish as it gets. When I think how victimised smokers are in the US yet this still goes on and gets swept under the rug cos Charlton and his chums like some shooty shooty I'm amazed. It's as ass baxckwards as the highly debatable way the gun lobby interpret the constitutional "right to bear arms" which is often, in the US studies I got my degree in anyway, thought to be more about the individual state's rights toan army of it's own and not every idiot to put everyone in danger.

Video games my hairy arse-stupid parents and stupid laws are culpable here alongside Heston and his mates and their ludicrously selfish stance. I bet they were playing MKWii or Smackdown-they're the games my boys argue most about and there isn't a gun to be seen!

RIP to the littlun.

MGOelite3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

without reading the article im guessing their american?

EDIT: oh look i was right, why the hell are guns given to the stupidiest people on the planet?

qface643269d ago

your comment seems kind of stupid
depending on how you read it its kind of insulting

Quadrix3269d ago

and I still agree with this statement.

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