Wii Sports Resort to have online?

The newest update to the Nintendo Channel reveals that Wii Sports Resort will not only have Wiiconnect24 but online as well?

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Product3395d ago

online sword-fighting would be great.

qface643395d ago

whether it has online or not won't affect the game at all
but if it did i wouldn't mind at all would be fun if you ask me

Product3395d ago

Wii Sports is a great multiplayer game, and if there are no friends in the room at a given time than online could help.

3394d ago
DiLeCtioN3394d ago

yh whatever. when nintendo first announced online for their console i thought it was gonna be one of the best..but in reality it turned out to be one of the worst console out of the 3 this gen.

Tell me what does nintendo offer online that makes the competition say i want that feature....nothing tbh

Darkiewonder3394d ago

Probably to just send stats to friends if you play the game.

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