40° Is inFamous competitive DLC, inFamous?

Tony of wrote

"DLC. I'm not a fan, I've bought the MGS level pack for LBP and I went halves on The Lost and Damned. Two thirds into inFamous and I'm thinking Sucker Punch could get some more money out of me with some DLC.

Here's how"

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WildArmed3238d ago

I still have alot of fun replaying the game.
on my 5th run atm

xabmol3238d ago

Already?! DEEAAAUUUM!!

Mo0eY3238d ago

Just think if this game added multiplayer - Thunderbolts blasting from the sky, lightning missles flying at and around you, lightning grenades blowing up everything in sight, people grinding on rails chasing each other. Throw in a helicopter for fast travelling, a couple of multiplayer modes (race to the satellite uplinks, tug of train (get the train to your spot before the other team) assassination, capture the blast shard), a new island, and you've got me picking it up for the fourth time again.

other443238d ago

this game is what it means to be a gamer!!!

You Already Know3237d ago

wow sky007....5 already?...that's insane..

but SuckerPunch can easily sucker punch me with new DLC and I'd eat it up....that would be way too much fun if you could chase people on tails and electrical wires...

....ridiculous idea....

are you reading this SuckerPunch?....