IGN AU Prototype review

IGN AU review Prototype and award it 8.5/10

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WildArmed3392d ago

imma have to wait a few days to figure out to pick this up or not.

kevnb3392d ago

worst case. you are out 5 bucks.

lord_of_balrogs3392d ago

Demo comes out in a couple of days.

kevnb3392d ago

most demos are just horrible and don't showcase the end product very well.

Darkeyes3392d ago

Didn't IGN US give it a 7.5? That 1 point is a drastic difference between reviews from the same site.
I was gonna go for Prototype, but after the mixed reviews, I am going for Red Fraction Guerilla... Infamous +RFG will be enough to last until decent titles start to show up.

zoneofenders3392d ago

I have beat this 3 game.
my opinion
Infamous 8.5 > Red faction 8> prototype 7

i really cant recommend protoype to anybody. not at full price.

kevnb3392d ago

its pretty ridiculous... but anyway why would you let reviewers make the decision for you? You wouldn't do it if it were music or a movie, why a video game? Video game reviews are nice, but they aren't the bible, read the reviews to get an idea what the game is like, not to assign it a score.

MicroSony3392d ago

Just to let you know, i have a Xbox360 a PS3 and a WII.

If you have a PS3, i recommend both. Two different game, Pure Style(inFamous) or Pure Gore(Prototype).

If you have a 360, don't bother, get Prototype.

Anyway, its a good year to be a gamer...

MicroSony3392d ago

The proof, i'm a old gamer with really strange taste.

I like resistance 1 but not the second.
I like Two human but not Halo 3.
I like Dark Sector but not Gears of War.

Do you understand anything...

The only reviewer i can follow, its me.

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khrisnifer3392d ago

You won't regret picking it up - huge game

kevnb3392d ago

the us ign review dogged it for being too chaotic and too hard, lol.

dragunrising3392d ago

It's curious how there is so much discrepancy between the two scores. How can one reviewer say its great and another decent? The visuals especially are a point of contention. There is so much discordance between IGN US's score and the rest of metacritic, I wonder if the reviewer hated the game and reflected that in the review. Currently the game is resting at 91% on metacritic for PS3 (sans US PS3 score). Fishy? I think so.

Also, the IGN AU review was much more indicative of what to expect in the game and F. U. N. rather than a reflection on faults.

Syronicus3392d ago

It looks a little dated in terms of graphics but the game play looks good. I don't go by scores but the videos and screen shots help guide me when it comes to rental status or purchase. This looks like a great rental to me.

DiLeCtioN3392d ago

erm just a quick poll, who is getting this game?

Agree for YES:Disagree for NO.

PS a demo would have been great jeez...

user94220773392d ago

I'm going to try out the demo and see how's it like. I hope it's crap which it probably is by the looks of the reviews, so I don't have to pay or rent for this game.

*Goes to play inFamous on the Triple*

kewlkat0073392d ago

So this game must not be fun...then

Eiffel3392d ago

Exclusive titles get a more focused review, than most multiplat titles. Not to mention exclusive titles based on review sites give charity scores. Despite a titles huge flaws.

callahan093392d ago

I never trust reviews. Too Human and Haze both got beat up pretty badly in the reviews and I enjoyed them both a lot.

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