Gran Turismo 5 Influenced by PSP Version

As Softpedia writes, fans of the series were quickly up in arms when Sony announced a new Gran Turismo game for the PSP, saying that the publisher should be more interested in getting the proper Gran Turismo 5 out for the PlayStation 3 rather than creating a new game in the series for the Sony handheld.

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jromao3358d ago

You so many idiot articles and talk from Forza fans around, this this what they all need to read:

" like Forza are aimed at a different market segment than the Gran Turismo series. He also thinks that the current shift towards racing titles that dabble in fantasy settings and in the use of power ups does not mean that realistic racing games will no longer find gamers who are interested in them...."

That's why GT is GT, not one more commercial game for x360.

mint royale3358d ago

the truth about Forza.. it will have blue shells and power mushrooms..yes.

I can't wait for either game! Its good to not be a fanboy :)

Syronicus3358d ago

There is some truth to this as even seen in their commercial they showed at E3. The game looks more like a game where you can be silly and get away with more than what you could in real life. Try and do a doughnut in any GT race and you WILL come in last whereas in Forza, there is always that chance you could still win the race, even after pulling some crazy stunts. It leans more towards fantasy than reality, I can see that.


I have to agree with Mint on that. Forza IS a good game and I'll be playing regardless of GT5 being better or I only having a PS3.

They are both good enough for me wanting to play, they aren't that different too, they just have different strong points:

Forza is better in customization and have already hit detection/deformation (even through not realist - but some is better than none).

GT is about lots of cars with lots of realism in car design, from model to specs (and how this affect gameplay) and even engine sound.

The interesting thing is that none of them are that really more realistic in driving simulation than each other. There is easy a ton of more realistic driving sims for PC, which don't make then anymore fun than GT or Forza.

rockleex3358d ago

Its aimed at those who want a NFS Underground motorsport kind of game.

Thugbot1873358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

If this is so true why are they trying to add features seen first in Forza? Such as damage? Let's not forget GT series has the 300+ mph; even if you did the same mods you couldn't do that in real life.

I'm a fan of GT have been but all this talk from them and no release of a game...Ticks me off as a fan, and until I see the actual game I will be playing Forza 3. No point in waiting another 4 plus years.

Foliage3358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

"If this is so true why are they trying to add features seen first in Forza? Such as damage?"

Wait... hold on a second... you actually think Forza was the first game to include car damage? That's as stupid as saying Gears invented cover.

This next generation of gamers seriously need a lesson in the history of video games.

Sketchy3358d ago

You always get people that say Forza had damage first and GT is just now catching up. When I play Forza 2, I know this is not about Forza 2, but when I play Forza 2, at the beginning before the race starts and the camera jumps around the car, it reminds me of GT. The wind noise when you're driving fast in Forza 2, it was in GT4. The blinding light when you come out out of the tunnel in one of the Forza 3 trailer, that's in the game in GT5P.

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CaulkSlap3358d ago

They just need to hurry up dammit.

Narutone663358d ago

buying both games. Maybe a new PSP to go with the new GT PSP.

timestoby3358d ago

of course,why have it any other way.

-em high watchn trick or treat the movie lol

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