The Last Guardian: Prepare to Get Emotional

Having never played Ico or Shadow of the Colossus before, I (Alex Shaw) have issues with how the recent trailer for The Last Guardian made me feel. The story seemed simplistic enough. Penny Arcade among others have remarked that there's only two ways that game's ending; The boy dies or the baby Gryphon thing dies.

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swiftshot933358d ago

***********SPOILERZZZZZZ****** *******

In both ICO and Shadow of the colossus, the characters never died. So, with team ICO, expecting the characters to die in The Last Guardian is foolish. Just expect the unexpected. Of course they could die, and they would still evoke emotion.

*******END SPOILERZZZZZ**********

TheHater3358d ago

True the characters never die, but the events that happen to them is what make the games emotional. With Team ICO it is good to expect the unexpected when playing their games.

RememberThe3573358d ago

Shadow of the Colossus is one of my favorite games ever, and I have high hopes for what The Last Guardian will offer. They know how to set a mood like none other.

ps921173358d ago

Or perhaps instead of the boy or the rat cat eagle dying, maybe just maybe the girl dies ?????????????

SolidAhmed3358d ago

was emotional not at the end but it was emotional from the start

you begin trying to save your beloved one life by bringing her out of the died. by doing so you make a deal with the devil. you will go and explore with your only friend to make things happen. but you will lose him when you are so close :( then you would go back to your beloved one and you will discover that they been using you as a tool. and then the unthinkable happen. you turn into baby and your friend will rejoin together with your beloved one.

but none of that matter because none of them know what happen? and who you are ? even yourself will raise with out knowing what events took place in that prohibited place.

it just a sad sad feeling

saimcheeda3358d ago

ur right...the ending didnt give me a happy feeling

rockleex3358d ago

It's sadder if they both live through it at the end? :P

Myze3357d ago

Another way the game might end is having both the boy and the beast be grown up with the beast being able to fly. Maybe even the game progresses that way where you are both adults and play the last half of the game as such.

Cenobia3357d ago


----------------SPOILERS----- -----------

The end of ICO was really supposed to be left to interpretation. I believe Ueda himself said he interpreted both Ico and Yorda as being dead at the end of the game. They left it open to interpretation so that each player could decide on the ending for themselves.

IMO the end of ICO was at the very least a dream sequence. Yorda wouldn't have made it out. She was compelled to stay their for some reason (its been a while so I don't remember exactly, but I don't think the boat was leaking or anything, so she could have just went with him). I personally think Ico would have survived, while Yorda's fate is undetermined (dead/stuck there/Queen of the Ruins/etc).

Also I think the UK version had some sort of watermellon eating/picnic ending which would feel more like a dream (I haven't played that version though).

----------------SPOILERS----- -----------

nnotdead3357d ago

because i want to play it now. :(

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mastiffchild3358d ago

LOL! That's what I thought: why hasn't he? Is there an excuse fr that? I play some SoTC on a mothly basis even now, mich like Keef Richards still has the odd dabble ith the illegal chems to see if he's still alive! Turns out I am, just.

Ilikegames763358d ago

was addicted to SOTC in the movie "Reign on Me".

ps921173358d ago

Ewwww, emotions are for girls.

Mo0eY3358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

It's got electrolytes!

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SolidAhmed3358d ago

but not in a game like SOTC

Timesplitter143358d ago

but MANLY TEARS are for men

Perkel3358d ago

but it's preaty sad to lose finals and get father died on same day..

AKNAA3358d ago

I hate pets! especially cats and dogs, so this "emotional thing" ain't going to effect me... Unless I buy it when it releases, the game turns out sh1tty and I end up $70 short, then and only then! I will cry....

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silverchode3358d ago

yea just watching the trailer made feel part of the game.

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