Should Nintendo take credit for motion control in gaming? Or did they rip off Sony?

What came first, the motion controller or the Wii? According to Shigeru Miyamoto it was the Wii that laid gaming's golden egg, but Project Natal actually owes a lot more to Sony than Nintendo. The Good Gear Guide explains why.

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qface643390d ago

they aren't and haven't taken credit for motion controls
one thing people should know is that they take credit for pushing motion controls and expanding that market

but they don't take credit for the creation of motion controls

RememberThe3573390d ago

Nintendo is just basking in their success. They don't need to pretend like they created motion consoles. In the end it doesn't matter because they're the ones making money off of it.

grumpysmurf3390d ago

"but they don't take credit for the creation of motion controls"

Well, they said they're flattered by the 3D motion wand and Project Natal - isn't that kind of taking credit for it?

Forrest Gump3390d ago

They didn't rip off Sony,they just implemented technology that Sony had already used only differently.

If anything,Project Natal is ripping off Sony.

grumpysmurf3390d ago

Yep, I completely agree that Project Natal owes a lot to the Eye Toy. But Nintendo are claiming to be 'flattered' by it - not cool.

ChickeyCantor3389d ago

Actually Natal isn't ripping of sony either.
Sony got their EYE-toy idea from somewhere else too.

But thats like saying all consoles after nes ripped off the basic interface of the controller with a dont hear anyone cry about that right?

condorstrike3389d ago

For the 100th time Sony did not invent Motion control, I don't know who did; but Nintendo has had different implementations of motion control since the 80's, Lord all mighty why won't these @ss-licker fanboys and one sided websites stop trying to make water into wine, Sony and Obama are not the Messiah.

SpoonyRedMage3389d ago

condorstrike is right. Nintendo had the Power Glove and the U-Force infrared camera for the NES. Both were motion controllers so yes Nintendo should take credit. They implemented it before Sony and MS even entered the market.

ChickeyCantor3389d ago

To be fair, Atari had one controller too.
Also the tech must have been lying around for 30 years but the problem is the hardware needed to run it as desired.

Multitouch technology is old too, but just recently its starting to build up because there are affordable computers that are fast enough to handle it.

na-no-nai3389d ago

yeah nintendo should take credits. they made the powerglove.