Lost Planet 2 Site Opens

Examiner: "Capcom has opened their Japanese site for Lost Planet 2. The title is set for a Winter release and you can find lots of videos and screens on the newly launched site."

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Why dis3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

Seems like the 360 version is coming first because where are the PC and PS3 listing in the Lost Planet 2 section on the site?(LP home) I hope this means the demo is coming soon assuming Sony didn't pay for it to be blocked until the PS3 version catches up again assuming its started development because it looks like Sony sealed a deal just days before E3 hence the sloppy shady way it was delt with at E3 and at Sony's conference.

swiftshot933330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

lol Capcom confirmed that the game will see a simultaneous launch this winter in Japan, and that it will be released for both 360 and PS3 in early 2010 in NA.
Sloppy way it was dealt with? The PS blog scored an interview on the game, showed the game running on the PS3, and the guy confirmed its day and date launch with the 360 version. Also, maybe sony just doesnt think that gaining a multiplatform game is that big of a deal....

Edit: Actually, it was at sony's conference where the official release projection was given, before MS or Capcom themselves lol

FamilyGuy3330d ago

Only M$ pulls tactics like those, (demo holding)

I thought the 360 version was coming first already but i guess that isnt true and Capcom was just hiding the PS3 version for some reason.
Sad too, this could've been a 360 exclusive worth envying but now more will enjoy it right?

I been interested in it since the first trailer, looking like monster hunter has done wonders for the buzz around this game. tropical>Snow any day.