Rumor Roundup for Halo: Reach

From the PlanetXbox360 feature article:

"Going into E3, we all knew that the next chapter in the Halo saga would be dropping this Autumn in the form of Halo 3: ODST. What we didn't know, however, is that bundled with the game would be an invitation to play the multiplayer beta for Halo: Reach, a new title announced by Bungie Studios at Microsoft's press conference earlier this week. Beyond the official trailer, little was said on the details of this new chapter in the Halo universe, but the message boards and blogs have been hard at work trying to piece together any further details regarding the game. The first and most obvious of these details comes from the title. Halo: Reach is most likely referring to the Covenant attack on the planet Reach before the events of the first game. Author Eric Nylund in his book Halo: The Fall of Reach has already fleshed this storyline out. Evidence to support this assumption is all over the trailer, which shows a planet being attacked and the words "Halo: Reach falls 2010." Going from this tidbit of information, we can now place it in the timeline for the Halo universe."

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UltimaEnder3328d ago

I'm still unsure as to what this game will exactly be (I haven't read the book) but I do hope it is more of a TRUE sequel than Halo 3: ODST is going to be.....good preview/roundup though!

socomnick3327d ago

Its a prequel about a planet called reach being invaded and destroyed. If done right this could be very epic and the scale would need to be massive.

peeps3327d ago

ODST hasn't got me too excited tbh cus i wasn't a massive fan of Halo3 (although that could be more down to my mates who i played halo 2 with not owning 360's). I'm much more looking frwd to this though.

ODST may well be good but it was never going to be a big step for the franchise, this game, as you say should be the true sequel to halo 3 (well actually its prequel but u know what i mean)

Valkyrie833328d ago

Nice article, it's hard to keep up with all the information that is going around on the interwebs so I'm glad someone decided to put it all in one place and explain what is actual and what is fake; especially with such a high-profile title such as Halo: Reach.....can't wait for this one

Bnet3433327d ago

In b4 the "OMGZ I hate halo, stop milking Halo, kk noobs?"

OnT: The game will most likely be about the first spartans.

mastiffchild3327d ago

The way I understand-from someone who REALLY likes his Halo(a little too much if you ask me-I tried one of the novels and it was sh1t!)-it's really kind of a prequel to CE if anything. IIRC he said that "Reach" was what MC thought of as the hardest mission and because of other events he wasn't there so lord knows who we'll be playing as. Obviously my mate could be making a massive tool out of me here knowing I don't rad the books but if it's a lie just remember-it isn't mine!

As for your "milking" issue prob-it isn't just people who dislike Halo that are concerned that yearly installment may effect quality-it sure as hell wouldn't be the first time that it hurts a franchise. If it's a one off that it happens this way then there's no need to worry but if it became every year I'd sure as hell begin thinking about what's going on.


I have read all the books, can't remember which one it is, but MC does go back to reach after hearing of the fate of the other Spartans. Some make it off ( only like 5 or 6 ). i need to go read the books again.

I really enjoyed them, well most of them. what they need to do though is make a game based on the events after the Ghost of Onyx ( the events of that book fall alongside the events of halo 3)

its just too much of a cliff hanger to take, they need to either get the next set of books out or make a game that follows on.

If i had my way, I would say they need to do the following;

1. Make a new engine from scratch.
2. make the next halo game as a launch game for the next xbox.
3. finish or follow on with the story of the other Spartans.
4. take their time and make it right ( less of a labrat approch ).

still thats just me wishing, lets wait and see how reach ends up.

peeps3327d ago

Basically the gameplay of halo is already there, so it just needs tweaking. I just really hope they use a new game engine/up the visuals this time.

watching the gameplay of ODST i felt a little let down by the graphics. I know the gameplay is there, but you still want something nice to look at. Heres an odd analogy lol An ugly girl may be really good in bed, but really u'd rather she was good in bed and good looking lol

UltimaEnder3327d ago

I agree with you 100% about the ODST graphics and really hope that it's different with Halo Reach, a completely reworked or new graphical engine is needed and would really take this game into the next-gen level; that way we won't have to hear Sony fanboys bash it for being the same old thing, except this time there is no master chief to pull the weight solo!

kissmeimgreek3327d ago

i saw an article on n4g a couple of days a go. it basically showed concept art of 5 people who loooked like spartans. i also know that one spartan on reach was the master chief. im guessing that his is going to be a squad FPS. the article i read stated that each spartan had a dfferent ability and that one spartan, not masterchief (cant remeber name...mightve been samuel) was a lt stronger. i thikn that this game willhave you control a younge master chief in command of the other spartans but samuel will be part of a different squad or work alone and meet up with your squad occasionally. just a guess but the old FPS halo is starting to get repetitive and addin squad based gameplay could really make it something special.


you need to read the books.

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