GameSpy E3 2009: Forza Motorsport 3 Hands-On

GameSpy writes: "Forza Motorsport 3 was made to turn car lovers into gamers, and vice-versa. This year's game focuses on providing a friendlier, more accessible experience, so that even if you're not the best driver or the most talented painter there's something here for you."

+400+ cars
+Expanded community features
+Improved accessibility

-We can't all afford a force-feedback chair, racing wheel, and three monitors

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lokin3359d ago

i really do believe this game is gonna be awesome

green3359d ago

With fully detailed vehicle undercarriage for cars and introduction of not just damage but full vehicle roll overs.

-Full vehicle engine,drivetrain,gearbox,igni tion,engine block and tires swap.Option to add superchargers,turbochargers or take it out to reduce weight.And also the freedom to tune even further each and every single aspect of the car from camber,tire pressure,roll bars,gear ratios,ride height,aerodynamics,springs,da mpers,braking pressure and differentials.

-Partnership with every major tire manufacturer from Pirelli,Avon,Yokohama,Bridgest one and Michelin to get fully detailed "Tire Flexing" data from them..

-Car paint customization and 2 auction houses for Cars/tuning and paint.

This game is going to be amazing,seriously can't wait.

Trebius3358d ago

Glad there's a company out there able to compete with GT's monopoly on the Race Sim market heheh. It may not be as evolved as GT5 but it most certainly is worth the purchase.

JOLLY13358d ago

Do you know somethuinnoone else does? What makes gt more evolved than Forza? Is it the Damage? How about the customizing? Accurate physics?'s only that the graphics look pretty good. Great car models and terrible environmental detail.

really duh3358d ago

"Looks like it'll be a decent game"

You're saying Foza 3 part of the highest scoring Sim franchise will be a decent game?

likedamaster3358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

To be honest, I am particularly happy that they're adding the "rewind" feature like GRID. I just hated to have to restart a whole race because I messed up on one turn, that's what made GRID great for me. Some may say, "it makes it arcadey" but the fact of the matter is that it's a welcome feature by many racing fans who would rather rewind than start a race all over again simply because "it's a sim".

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Foxgod3359d ago

So much love and attention for this game :)
Cant believe the got so much car diversity in the game, and still pumped it up to 400 different cars.

green3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

I am still amazed that they did developed a new engine, tripled the track count and accurately modeled the interior of 400 cars in just 2 years.Those guys at Turn 10 are really talented.

KionicWarlord2223358d ago


I dont want to here so much WIN anymore. Its killing me inside.

StrboyM3358d ago

Im sure it will tide most over till GT pops up, and im not starting a flame war, but its been documented that GT is the better of the two.

to be honest having 800 cas in a game is over kill, I may have used 30 cars total in all passed GT's lmao

JOLLY13358d ago

I want to read this document.

Leathersoup3358d ago

Forza series is the best console sim. Woah! I just documented the exact opposite of what the other guy said!

-MoOkS-3358d ago

This game is going to set the standards for which all other racers are compared to.

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