G4TV: Wet Direct-Feed Gameplay

Meet Rubi Malone, as voiced by Dollhouse's Eliza Dushku. She's the latest badass heroine who isn't afraid to spill some blood to get her job done. In the acrobatic shooter Wet, gun-for-hire Malone must complete a series of covert missions all around the world.

Witness her fighting skills in this direct-feed gameplay video for Wet.

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Myst3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Two things from this feed:

The car scene looked pretty cool I'll admit, but why did that one guy swirve over toward the edge trying to get her off? He'd kill himself to kill her?

I didn't understand the part where blood splashed on her face and the whole screen went red with the enemies becoming slightly black silhouettes. Is that something from strangle hold? (never played the game)

Overall though not sure what else to really say about the game play, at least not until I can try it out myself. I'd more than likely still get this game.

FamilyGuy3391d ago

So it really does "go into slow motion every time her feet leave the ground"

Looks cheesy to me.


Just looks very basic. It would have been a great game in the PS2 era.

I was excited for this game, but I will pass, theres too many other titles that look a lot more promising than this