L4D2 petition able to affect L4D2's sales?

The Left 4 Dead 2 boycott has reached well over 20,000 members. But is this boycott really necessary? At first I too, was quite angry when they first announced Left 4 Dead 2. But after some time and recollecting. You have to look at the facts. New location, new features, and what every fan has wanted melee weapons!

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DavidMacDougall3391d ago


So $60 x 20000 (So far) = 1,200,000?

Give it some more months and the numbers will go up and thats more money down the drain for Valve over something so stupid, if only they did what was promised.

ChoiSong3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

$1,200,000 is a lot. 22,000 fans is a lot to for a petition. But, how many of them will actually go trough with their treats or is this a bunch of people trying to get free add-ons. I for one, wouldn't mind seeing new patch instead, of a new game. But look at everything Valve has done for there fans. I personally won't buy it at launch I'll probably wait for a weekend sale. But if I was a betting man, i would say at least 80% of the fans boycotting this game will end up buying it.

Also the price of a brand new Valve full length game is $50 USD most of the time. Never seen a push over $60.

GamerPS3603391d ago

I will buy it when it drops to 20.00

L4D2 worth $20.00 for me and spending no more than that. Same as L4D, I bought it @ 20.00 from steam weekend sale.

Cmoney3391d ago

SAD THAT PS3 FANS HAVE SUCH A CRAPPY SYSTEM.....can't enjoy these quality titles.

swiftshot933391d ago

but the PS3 isn't a crappy system. Reported as SPAM.

qface643391d ago

ill be skipping L4D2 i see no real reason to get it at all
that and my plates already full

anyways if by the time the game comes out the petition reached 100,000 signatures and only 10% went through with it
that's still ALLOT of money

but if this keeps up this petition will have much bigger numbers before you know it

The Meerkat3391d ago

It will probably boost sales