2K Games: Mafia II More Like Bioshock Than GTA

Gaming Union writes: Gameplay in Mafia II is similar to the first, and quite like Grand Theft Auto and the likes. The graphics are much better over last year's GTA4, and quite nice to see given the caliber of AAA game graphics this year. Where Mafia II doesn't innovate on its gunplay, Mafia II Producer Denby Grace laid out exactly what the true focus of the game is,

"People ask, 'how does it compare to the game Rockstar makes, how does it compare to Saints Row?' It doesn't. It compares more to Bioshock than those games."

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mephman3390d ago

This game's graphics are actually awesome. Expecting big things from Mafia II.

ShawnCollier3390d ago

Seems like an interesting game.

qface643390d ago

oh cool plasmids confirmed for mafia 2 x]

Kyll3390d ago

now that would rule xD

free2game3653390d ago

How hard is it to look at the previous game realize how it's going to be and not have to compare it to something else, are people really that retarded?