The Future of PC Gaming: It's a Free-For-All

How nice would it be to game in a world where the title you're playing didn't cost you one red cent? News10's The Game Guys think it'd be pretty nice. If PC game companies like GamersFirst and Perfect World have their way, that's exactly what gamers can expect.

"Basically that means is rather than going into [a store] and paying $59 for a boxed game and paying a monthly subscription fee per month," says Tracy Spait, Director of Online Publishing for GamersFirst, "what we're doing is giving our games away for free."

As was evidenced at 2009's E3 in Los Angeles, free-to-play massive-multiplayer online (MMO) gaming has taken huge steps forward since its inception and has been growing in popularity and quality. Since the popularity of games like MapleStory and Second Life, what used to be a blind eye turned towards the genre has now gotten a second look in the US...

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