TD Gaming Podcast 126: Wii-niss Envy

This week, the Gaming Podcast is finishing their E3 reactions along with their reaction to the recent iPhone/iPod Touch news and their new gaming initiative. Their Gaming Flashback flies back to After Burner and our game history is all about Yu Suzuki a huge SEGA developer. The news this week includes:

* Some of the big announcements from Sony's E3 Press Conference
* Some of the big announcements from Nintendo's E3 Conference
* Microsoft envisions 10 year lifespan for Xbox 360
* Activision Disappointed by no price cuts at E3
* Michael Pachter thinks the motion control from Sony and Microsoft won't topple the Wii
* iPhone/iPod Touch 3.0 Firmware enhances gaming features

Don's question of the week, what is your favorite controller and what game controller do you hate the most?

[Note: the main link is the MP3 podcast file, and the credit URL is the article.]

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