Spawn Kill - E3 Preview: All Points Bulletin

Justin "pseudopseudo" Heeren of Spawn Kill writes:

"It's a game older than most anyone can remember – cops and robbers. Right versus wrong. Good guys versus bad guys. I played cops and robbers myself on many occasions growing up; while it really wasn't much more than the game of "Tag" with a tacked-on storyline, it was always fun. There was always a certain thrill involved in narrowly escaping a cop's grasp, and you always felt a cool sense of faux righteousness every time you "captured" a criminal. As the years have passed, the game has shifted and changed – grown-up, if you will, right along with us. Realtime Worlds brings cops and robbers into the 21st Century with their massive new project All Points Bulletin."

Hit the jump for the full preview, including the official E3 trailer!

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ihaten4glol3354d ago

APB looks like it could be fantastic if they've played their cards right with it.