New Final Fantasy XIV Scan from Famitsu

GOONL!NE: A new scan of Final Fantasy XIV has emerged from Famitsu.

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Create3395d ago

If sony somehow manages to keep this exclusive, its going to payoff. (Maybe that was an agreement on how microsoft got FFXIII without Sony complaining too much, because they knew this was coming)

AAACE53395d ago

It's a Final Fantasy MMO! Expect it to be a lot like the FFXI MMO, except with better graphics. If lucky, SE will take advantage of Blu-ray disc and create a single player offline story!

Ps_alm3k3395d ago

Some body translate!!! Now!!! : )

Expy3395d ago

"This was a gigaton announcement at E3 last week, exclusive (for now) to the PLAYSTATION 3 and coming as an MMO in 2010."

We know what system this guy owns. ;)

Ps_alm3k3395d ago

Man, i just need to know more..looking forward to a realease in 2010.. : )

silverchode3395d ago

anyone else have the feeling ms will show this game next e3

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The story is too old to be commented.