New Lost Planet 2 Scans from Famitsu

GOONL!NE: Some new scans for Lost Planet 2 have emerged from Famitsu.

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Forrest Gump3325d ago

Looking good looking good,for Ps3 owners concerned about LP2 being half-assed like LP1 was,have a look at this

raztad3325d ago

I like what I see. The KZ2 - like visuals are my thing. Impressive. Hope the gameply is good as well. Looking forward to this game.

mastiffchild3325d ago

Frankly, I'll believe it when I rent it. I've been nurned by Capcom too often this gen(on EVERY platform)to just buy their games like I usually would.

RE5 was a 5/10 game to me and LP1(on the 360) a 6/10(SF4 and DR I'd, maybe, give 6.5s)while DMC4 was too awful to rate. I might be being hard on them as I loved their output for years for the last two gens with only the occasional blip(hello DC3!)but, imo, the games have been on a downward spiral for some time(their Wii games, inparticular, have been woeful at times(CTYD?wtf?)and only good when ports of classics like Okami and RE4 appeared.

Must admit, however, that I loved the concept for LP1 and this does look pretty strong graphically but if co-op is the only way to play the game well then there's no point in a purchase as I never play a co-op through twice like I would a great SP game-I honestly hope both suits are strong this time-unlike what wrecked RE5.