1UP: My Favorite RPG of E3 -- Muramasa: The Demon Blade

1UP writes: "I still think the finest animated film ever made was Pinocchio. I have nothing but admiration for Pixar's beautiful storytelling and sophisticated computer graphics, but it will always come second in my mind to the sheer artistry inherent to Pinocchio's visuals. Whenever I have the opportunity to pop it into my movie player of choice (which is, sadly, not often enough), I can't help watching agape as Pinocchio evades Monstro the Whale, and thinking, "This was hand-drawn?" It's the reason that I always feel a tiny twinge of sadness whenever I watch a Pixar movie -- lovely as they are, they're also a reminder that 2D, hand-drawn animation is something of a lost art these days."

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Smacktard3328d ago

...King of Fighters? ...A fighting game is a better RPG than an actual... RPG?