Console Candy

GamePro - May 2007

(excerpt taken from the magazine)

Console Candy

Customized console mods? Color us impressed.

ColorWare is already known for its high-end laptop and iPod paint jobs. But starting this summer, ColorWare will extend its coloring magic to videogame consoles. Gamepro mailed in a PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360 for a test run. ColorWare followed our exact specifications and mailed the consoles back for our approval. The results? See for yourself: clean, professional, and highly detailed colored coats.

If you send in your own game system, you'll pay $99 for the coloring service and $25 per controller. Those prices may seem high, but are actually a bargain: ColorWare charges $399 and up for its laptop PC coloring services. To see the full range of 28 color coats, as well as further pricing options, see

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Ru4273d ago

Screw the elite (Zephyr) black color I want that candy color Green!

Robotz Rule4273d ago

Would go crazy over this!,since it's candy this and candy that with him!

Though I do dig the paint jobs!

eques judicii4271d ago

if i was making more money i'd get it done