GayGamer E3 09: White Knight Chronicles Hands On

GayGamer writes: "Upstairs at the Sony Booth, I was given the chance to play a little bit of the new RPG from Level-5 (of Dark Cloud fame), called White Knight Chronicles. It's pretty much the first real traditional RPG for the PlayStation 3 - in fact, the gentleman walking me through it admitted that the plot basically comes down to saving the princess. And while exploring a town, I remarked on my love for the genre's cliché of just wandering into people's homes and rooting through their belongings for treasure without them minding one bit. However, the twist is that the main character, Leonard, is also trying to figure out why he is able to transform into the White Knight. And that, is the big addition to the traditional gameplay."

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rmedtx8883270d ago

In don't understand why in RPGs you can get into people's houses and still their treasures and they don't get upset... ;P