1UP: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 Review

1UP writes: "I have not played a round of golf for close to three years now. My clubs are all rusted, my knickers don't fit anymore, not to mention that I don't live in Hawai'i anymore, where I did all of my golfing. At least the Tiger Woods franchise has been doing a fantastic job in whetting my appetite until the next time I take in a round of golf (and doesn't look at me funny when I can't fit into my golf attire). After I skipped last year's iteration (I only previewed it), Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 is a giant leap over what was available in '08, and only a couple of steps more than '09's offering (for a recap, check out Joe Rybicki's review of 09)."

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Nugan3323d ago

As with the IGN review posted earlier, this isn't the Wii version.

1UP's review of TW10 for the Wii is here: