The Portable Gamer Review: Tankz for iPhone

TPG writes: "From the moment I first laid eyes on Tankz, I could imagine nothing less than badassery. Who doesn't want to get in the cockpit of a hover tank and lay down the law? With these three tanks, all looking like bringers of death bearing equally badass names; Striker, Leopard and X10 Assault, there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to spend many hours blasting baddies.

However, the awesome tank names and coolness that fuel your want to play, stop at the title screen."

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CrAppleton3392d ago

Game was no where near my expectations..

Neco5123392d ago

Wow, sounds like this one flopped

CrAppleton3392d ago

Cool looking tanks.. neat graphics.. but when was the last time you were controlling a tank that had no firepower?

Neco5123392d ago

no firepower? like, the tanks were weak?

CrAppleton3392d ago

TOTALLY weak.. no point in even using the missiles you're given

wondroushippo3392d ago

Words to add to my lexicon for regular usage: badassery.