Gran Turismo "dropped the ball," Forza there to "pick it up"

TVGB: "Did you know Forza Motorsport 3 is the definitive racing game this generation? In a behind closed doors demonstration of Forza 3 at E3 last week, the game's creative director, Dan Greenawalt, reiterated this fact to us as he touched upon the experience he hopes gamers have with the definitive racing game."

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nightelfmohawk3395d ago

I didn't know the "definitive racing game of this generation" ran at 720p and under 60 fps.

PirateThom3395d ago

I didn't know the "definitive racing game of this generation" had less cars than a PSP game.

3395d ago
PirateThom3395d ago

Turn 10 started it by claiming this and that and "definitive" this and "best" that, then Polyphony Digital embarassed them the next day, so now Turn 10 are on damage control and now feel the need to launch nonsense remarks at Polyphony Digital and Gran Turismo at every turn and bribe users to vote for them in a meaningless poll.

Less cars than a PSP game?

Someone dropped the ball, but it wasn't Polyphony Digital.

really duh3395d ago

" I didn't know the "definitive racing game of this generation" ran at 720p and under 60 fps."

FZ3 looks better and is doing more as a Sim non of the GT game thus far are 1080p native if thats what this fanboy is trying to get at.

morganfell3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

The ball was dropped by the new Turn 10 PR guy...Denis Dyack.

Turn 10 needs to realize now that they are only hurting themselves, their reputation, and Forza as a brand name. I just wonder how much of this is their own idea and how much comes from the PR people at MS.

Apparently Danny boy is oblivious to the fact that in the end he will be left holding the bag and will be drop kicked to the curb.

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DasBunker3395d ago

LOL @ "Did you know Forza Motorsport 3 is the definitive racing game this generation?"

hilarious how they started the article..

II Necroplasm II3395d ago

Forza only has 400 cars! that's all!?

Man I wish I could have more than 400 cars in the game! 400 is not enough!

Megaton3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

It's hilarious how much these guys keep talking about GT. It's like they think the more crap they talk the better their game will be. Above all the unwarranted trash talking these guys are doing about GT5, bribing people to vote for them in a worthless CNET poll is just about as low and petty as one can get. These guys are sub-troll in the way they act.

Gotta say it was pretty funny to find that a portable GT has twice as many cars as "the definitive racing game of this generation".

sonarus3395d ago

Both games will be great. Gran Turismo will outsell it though plus its a system seller. Polyphony didn't really show off GT at E3 however NASCAR and WRC license already nullifies the forza 3 as "definitive racing game" statement. All polyphony has to do is get around to releasing the game. However working on GT PSP and GT5 same time has obviously slowed them down

swiftshot933395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

I wont comment on Forza 3, but facts are facts.

FACT: Gran Turismo 5 runs @ native 1080p @ 60 FPS. Also, GT5 runs with 16 cars on track when playing, so it would be incorrect to state that Forza 3 is rendering more when in fact it only has 8 cars on track when playing.

sofresh2003395d ago

I've never even heard of Forza until a week ago. What's so great about it?

cmrbe3395d ago

lets just leave Froza 3 alone. This is what Turn 10 wants. For Froza 3 to be compared to GT5 to get publicity.

Now watch them bribe their way into getting the media to say that Froza 3 is the best. They have already started in bribing gamers to vote for Froza 3 on the online polls.

GT fans have nothing to worry about. After i saw the Froza 3 trailer i couldn't stop laughing at how stupid the game is. Its like watching a N4S trailer. Its not a driving simulator.

Froza is crap. I have no idea why people are trying to compare it to GT.

pippoppow3395d ago

Get people to talk about the game to generate buzz. MS tactics as usual, like how PC ports are actually exclusives, like spendings millions on a show to make up for lack of substance and now how a game claiming to be the best with inferior content. WOW.

menoyou3395d ago

Sensational headline. Reported as lame.

Death3395d ago

I have all the GT's dating to the original Playstation and both Forza's. In my opinion, Forza is the successor to GT2. Both are great franchises and play very well. To me Forza is much more "realistic" and has more detail as far as a simulator goes. The new GT might be prettier, but I can't make that call since Forza 3 and the new GT haven't been released yet.

I believe the "definitive" statement is in regards to past reviews of the Forza franchise. Take it with a grain of salt, it's part of marketing the game. All developers claim to have the best game in a genre. I'm not sure why people insist on taking these statements like the are the word of God.


Jaces3395d ago

"FZ3 looks better and is doing more as a Sim non of the GT game thus far are 1080p native if that's what this fanboy is trying to get at."

Compared to...what?

A 45 second teaser that hardly showed anything?

I think your the fanboy when you yourself have nothing more than assumptions to go on and can't stop praising how great it's going to be when it has nothing this year to even compare it to.

I admit Forza looks great, but GT has and always will be the King when it comes to Racing Sim games.

Anyone can say either sides lineup looks weak, I mean all I saw that caught my attention was Halo: ODST and Conviction...that's it? You can fire right back saying you did'nt see anything but it does'nt matter because we don't care what you like.

The PS3 crowd saw what Sony had to offer and were pleased, I think that's enough for me. But w/e, you can go on with your "Best E3 Showing" or "Best lineup" debacles. It's really quite pathetic, go play a game or do have games right?

lloyd_wonder3395d ago

It'll take three Forza games that are bundled to outsell one GT game. Says a lot.

People talk with their dollars, not out the a**.

poindat3395d ago

I now wake up each morning looking forward to seeing what ridiculous things Turn 10 has to say.

They must spend more time trashing Gran Turismo than they do developing.

mindedone3395d ago

true statement or not,

said like a true, non-biased gamer.

Personally I can't stand racing sims, so they both suck to me. But again, that's just me.

ultimolu3395d ago

I look forward to seeing these guys fall flat on their faces.

I don't know how hard is it to let your game do the talking. These guys are displaying poor sportsmanship.

All Time Greatness3395d ago

This is hilarious. We will be seeing Forza 3's reviews in October, don't worry. I bet they won't be too shabby either. :)

hulk_bash19873395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Both systems have a good line-up this fall.

PS3 Fall 09 Exclusives:
Uncharted 2
Demon's Souls
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
Rachet & Clank Future A Crack in Time
Fat Princess
Pixel Juke Shooter

360 Fall 09 Exclusives:
Splinter Cell Conviction
Forza 3
Shadow Complex
GTA IV Ballad of Gay Tony

So lets remember dat dis fall is a good time to be a gamer. Regardless of what system you find ur preference in.

@ All Time: well thanks for proving my point, no matter what system you prefer, yours obviously being 360, its a god tym to be a GAMER.

and in regards to your comments on Fat Princess and Pixel Juke why would downloadable games be an exception?? Shadow Complex and Perfect Dark are downloadable as well.

and what constitutes "BIG Franchises"?? Uncharted and Ninja Gaiden as well as Rachet and Clank are established and well recieved franchises so i don't understand your logic.

All Time Greatness3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Hulk Bash you forgot Left 4 Dead 2, Magna Carta 2, Perfect Dark XBLA and more I cant remember.

Uncharted 2
Demon's Souls
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2- already on Xbox 360 for over a year
Rachet & Clank Future A Crack in Time
Fat Princess<-----lol
Pixel Junk Shooter <-----lol

lol^^^ seriously not one big franchise coming to PS3. Xbox 360 has the better franchises coming. We will see soon.

INehalemEXI3395d ago

They got to get this game mad attention somehow I guess.

JL3395d ago

I agree both games are probably going to be great racing games. PS3 owners will get a great racing game (can't wait for it), and xbox owners will get a great racing game for theirselves (doesn't concern me). I wouldn't go and say Forza is the most realistic. As far as i'm concerned (and it appears alot of professional drivers, still) GT has the better physics.

And for those that are like: "He's just confident in his product." Actually, while i'm sure that yes he has a good product. Confidence is the last thing in the world that he gives off with all this bashing lately.

Homicide3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Surprise, surprise how the the Sony fans flock this news post and take shots at Forza and the 360. Tell me, what has the Gran Turismo done to innovate the racer genre? LOL! They couldn't even do crash damage in the past, and the GT5 devs were taking notes from Forza 3. Let's not forget each car is customizable.

I bought GT5:P last week, and man, it was horrendously boring.

INehalemEXI3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Oh yeah GT for sure has the better physics, forza 2 and 3 look like they float on the ground almost like F-Zero.

If you played GT5P you know they got the physics down like nobody's bidness.

Lol , thats how it starts you got to earn your stripes in GT before you get the speed. I remember the first GT , first thing you did was stop and start on the mark....not exactly fun at first but had to get your L's. Your not just plopped in a speed demon it gets deeper.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3395d ago

Future letter to Turn 10 from P Ditty

It's been a while now since we had a little talk, but judging from our sales I doubt you'll be doing much talking in the future. We've been in this game for a long time now. We've secured lots of licenses for lots of cars. Looking around we see a lot of new faces trying to break into the racing simulator biz. I guess that makes us O.G's (original gamers). You were fools to think that meant we didnt have a few tricks up our sleeves. We've had our ups and downs but til the sun rises on a world without Gran Turismo we remain the first, the REAL driving simulator, we remain the best.

LOL did you catch the reference?

BattleAxe3395d ago

Nobody can say anything until both of these games are released. This article is just flame bate.

Death3395d ago

Of the two series only one has damage and that damage affects the way the car handles. You can even feel the road impacts through the controller or force feedback wheel in Forza. Every alteration from tire pressure and compound to downforce from spoiler adjustments can be felt in the way the car handles too. You can actually overlay the vehicles performance and tire heat with an onscreen overlay to see how your modifications affect the car. I'm not really sure how much more you can change the physics.

Check this out, at the 48 second mark you can hear the growl of the speed bumps on the side of the road. You also feel those in the controller or the wheel if you have it. This video is of the supported 3 screen setup, you can add one more for the rearview mirror which is even cooler. The guys at Turn 10 had one setup with a wicked sound system that fired a pretty big sub into the drivers seat.


Narutone663395d ago

a developer have to bribe people in order to skew a poll at CNET to win in their favor. http://forums.forzamotorspo...

sirbigam3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

my mouth waters when I think about the 1080p weather effects of GT5 lol

soxfan20053395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

@Pirate Thom
"I didn't know the "definitive racing game of this generation" had less cars than a PSP game. "

Consider this - the PSP version of Ridge Racer has more cars and tracks than ANY PS3 exclusive racing game. Ridge Racer PSP released as a LAUNCH title in 2005, and PS3 is in it's third year. Plus, when GT releases for PSP, that will be TWO PSP games (at 1-2gb each) with MORE content than any PS3 exclusive racing game (at 25-50gb).

Are you sure you really want to open that can of worms? If you guys keep comparing PSP games to console games, it will only make the PS3 look far worse than the 360.

Besides, REAL racing fans know that track variety is more important than car variety. A game can have 10,000 cars, but it will get boring very quickly if you are racing around the same tracks over and over.

INehalemEXI3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

watch how the car moves it reacts to the road like a real car. The roads also have more dimension more ups and downs , bow etc. It is my favorite yet and its just a taste of what GT5 will offer. Sometimes you can mistake it for real footage. It is even more fun to master this game then watch. :D You just don't get that realistic weight transfer feeling in forza like you do in GT. Sometimes those forza cars seem weightless all together. They wreck and bumpers fly off and all thats great though.

TheExecutive3395d ago

I am sorry, say what you want but Turn 10 are acting like a bunch of idiotic fanboys, scared and insecure.

They haven't seen or played GT5 yet so how can they talk sh*t about it. I seriously doubt GT dropped anything. They ought to wait to see what GT brings to the table before talking sh*t. This kinda crap makes me hate a developer. I also have a feeling that they are going to be eating all kinds of crow when GT5 hits.

Are Turn 10's games good? Yes. Could they use a lesson in humility and manners? Yes. Should the shut the f*ck up and just make their game? Yes.

JL3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago ) realize GT supports force feedback too right? And i know i've played past GT games where i could adjust things like damper, brakes, gear ratios, spoiler, spring rate, tire types, ride height, and so on and so on. and ALL of these adjustments could potentially make a HUGE difference in how your car drove. all this stuff isn't new, GT has been doing it a while now. the only difference is maybe Forza has added different things you can adjust.

And something else, people keep comparing: "oh forza does this and that, gt does none of it" (well gt does most of it) but you guys are still virtually comparing 360 games with ps2 games. come on, get serious. Forza is going to be great for xbox owners, but quit downplaying Polyphony like they fell off or dropped the ball or something, when we don't even have a real GT game on ps3 yet. For the most part you guys are saying "yay a full out forza completely wipes the floor with a demo which doesn't even have a fraction of the stuff that GT5 will have". congratulations, you outperformed a gimped demo.

"Are Turn 10's games good? Yes. Could they use a lesson in humility and manners? Yes. Should the shut the f*ck up and just make their game? Yes."
well said Executive.

INehalemEXI3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Once you unlock S class in GT5P you can tune a bit but its just a demo so its not as deep as past GT's. Still feels like the best drive and the c0ckpit view is awesome, shadows move across your wheel and hands you hear engines from the inside purr and they sound sexy and even hiss if its a high performance beasty. I was in the ford GT90 last night and looked back and just watched the engine detail in the back *whistles*. PD taking there time but they pay attention to detail and it always shows.

ChrisGTR13395d ago

its just so stupid that all the dumbasses in here saying "AHAHAHAHA GT is way better cause its 1080p" havent even played a forza game. go play forza or STFU you stupid fanboys

Why dis3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

So the hundreds of PS3 fanboys on this site disagree? lol

After the PS3 thumping at E3 PS3 fanboys are more united than ever. Why won't the devs show GT5? lol

Forza is a higher scoring franchise its no wonder a site filled with the most fanatical PS3 fanboys on the web would be emotional about any language suggesting GT is the weaker franchise where it counts.

Death3395d ago

Damage modeling will be a welcome feature for the GT series. GT1 and GT were exceptional games. Forza has taken what these two have done and refined it and added damage which affects the game greatly. GT3 and GT4 were also great games but the customization was cut back significantly and the game was given more an arcade feel.

As far as cars go, many of the hundreds of cars in GT are just paint variations or specialty cars of existing cars. Forza may come boxed with less cars, but you can customize much more that GT. The custom painting and trading of cars is a huge feature when coupled with damage modeling has made Forza a leap ahead of GT for quite some time now. Maybe GT5 will get the series back on track, but so far Forza has been what GT 3 and 4 should have been.


INehalemEXI3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

yeah, I agree forza 2 has the customizing paint and trading over GT but I still like the feel of GT5P gameplay vs forza 2. I know not everyone feels the same. The most disturbing thing to me was watching the cars tandem drift in the forza 3 e3 trailer the cars at various times moved like a video game. GT cars always seem to react as a car would.

MGSR THE HD VERSION3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

well gears of war did out sell games of well known franchises like metal gear and RE. so thinking that this new forza can't make the same impact would be like living under a rock, at this point your brain washing your self into stacking up the odds against it.

you know halo was a title that was least considered to purchase over titles like FF, MGS, Zelda, and mario, now it's a series that's boomed into platinum selling franchise. (even halo wars a freaking RTS soled 1 million on it's first few days)

so forza could quite possibly be the game that some of you guys criticize it won't be, and the way that i look at it forza IS 360's GT.

and don't be surprised to see that game ends up still selling lots of units.

PopEmUp3395d ago


White knight
Killzone 2

btw we ps3 owners have game to play at the moment unlike the Green people I meant red people :P

JL3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Actually it IS the 360's GT. I really don't think anybody (or any logical person here) is trying to bash Forza per se. Cause Forza does look like it's going to be a good game, and it's well on it's way to establishing itself as a very good racing franchise on the xbox. The beef here is that Take 10 needs to shut the hell up. Quit running that mouth. Them (and xbots) keep trying to act like GT isn't worth a damn anymore and that PD has fallen off and their skill as developers has went the way of the dodo or something. The point being, Turn 10 might be well on their way to creating a great and everlasting franchise for xbox, but in the meantime, keep PDs name out of their mouth, cause in comparison there really is no comparison right now.

by the way, don't kid yourself, the only reason Gears and Halo sold like they did was because of MS ungodly cant-turn-around-without-it-in -your-face marketing. That's it, plain and simple. And your argument that Forza could now do that and outsell GT holds no water (not that sales matter whatsoever). But Gears and Halo sold huge numbers when they first came it (cause the hype train MS set them up on at the start). They sold huge from the start. Forza wasn't like that and there is NO reason to believe they'll suddenly jump drastically in sales on their third game.

@Pop Em Up
what the hell are you talking about? what does that have to do with anything being discussed here? take that somewhere else

aaron58293395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

But this sh1t has got to stop.

All week since E3... ive been hearing Turn 10 taking jabs at PD, while PD is cool as usual, minding their own business, getting the game done..

Turn 10, if you wanna impress and wanna convert GT players to become Forza players... impress them (including myself) with your game.. not your bad mouth, arrogant attitude...

See the reason why, real gamers dont give a fcuk about your game because, you have not done anything amazing with your game.....

You have not impressed anyone outside fanboys...

GT on the other hand, made their name by making their game as best as they can to their ability and it shows. And they dont need to bad mouth their competitors...

I hate Turn 10 will end up becoming like Dyack.. a joke in the gaming industry... bad mouthing everything and his game turned out sh1t !

Jeezzz... i hate to comment on this BS articles... but this is too much !

BTW, i have not gotten an answer.... HOW MANY CARS WILL FORZA FEATURE ON THE STARTIN GRID ?? 8 ??????

Give me 16 anytime !!

DelbertGrady3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Forza 3 has 400 fully customizable cars, whereas GT5 will have 700 skins.

aaron58293395d ago

400 cars is fine by me... i never owned anything more than 200 cars in previous series...

But my question is...

How many cars do i get to race with ?

Is it still 8 ?

Sarcasm3395d ago

When will this stop?

I know it's good to be proud of your product, but when you sling that crap in people's faces it gets real old.

SaberEdge3394d ago

From everything I have seen it does look like the definitive racing game, so they have a right to be proud of their game. Besides, how is it any more arrogant than Gran Turismo saying "the real driving simulator" on the box? You guys are full of double standards.

For me personally, Forza 2 already surpassed Gran Turismo and Forza 3 looks to be on a whole new level. We haven't even had a proper Gran Turismo title on next gen consoles and we're already getting Forza 3. Incredible.

Marceles3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

Death, you can't ignore GT3 lol...that was the absolute best in the series without question...hell, practically the best console racing game ever made. Out of every GT that's every come out, you HAVE to mention A-Spec. The improvements on GT3 compared to GT1 and GT2 were huge. I'll say Forza is the successor after GT3 since there wasn't much improvement in GT4.

Syronicus3394d ago

I don't think that it's about being programmed to like one game over the other. If you are going to claim definitive racer status then you had better be one better than the other guy. At this point there is only one racing sim that pits you against 11 other players on and offline, has over 40 tracks and 800 cars and over three circuits to race in including NASCAR, and WRC. It's not about cool paint jobs, although they are just that, cool stuff. It's about content and size and the idea that the online experience includes far more racers at one time, I would say that GT5 will win the title of definitive racer based on content and playability alone.

callahan093394d ago

@ All Time Greatness: You're willing to accept Shadow Complex as a mentionable part of the 360 line-up, but you give an "LOL" to Fat Princess and Pixel Junk Shooter? Q-Games have proven the Pixel Junk name with Monsters and Eden, and Shooter is getting high praises from those who've had hands-on with it. Fat Princess has been getting nothing but rave remarks from journalists who got hands-on with it, too. So I don't know what you're laughing about.

Dude4203394d ago

Ok can someone please provide a link to where he said those statements? Until I see a link to what Turn 10 was saying, I will not believe this blogger. I'm not saying the dev didn't say that, but it looks to me this blogger has done some nice selective quoting, please show me an article or a video to prove me wrong.

thesummerofgeorge3394d ago

Then it's not the definitive racing game.

This gens definitive racing game has yet to be released, and it's name is NOT Forza.

edgeofblade3394d ago

You can make a gold-plated turd better than hamburger if you make the criteria for being better "anything that's gold plated".

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LumpsRGood3395d ago

While I prefer the Burnout style of racing to the mechanic degree requirement of Forza or Gran Turismo, Forza has come a long way. I think Dan is right in saying they dropped the ball, but I wonder what bombshell the next GT will drop on us.

mastiffchild3395d ago

I don't have a clue if anyone "dropped the ball" here. I do know that if I was in T10's position I wouldn't be so quick to do down the people probably responsible for the very existence if my own game.

Fact is I never had a problem liking both Forza and GT til this week and arrogance is something that I cannot abide(meant I didn't get a PS3 at launch if I'm honest)and til the attitude stops I won't be buying Forza3 as I don't want my hard earned going to a nob like this.

"But it's only marketing!?!"-not in my book. It's over the top, presumptuous, unneccessary(they never acted like this before and did fine, so why now?)and a bad way to influence people. I don't want them to fall on their faces like some people but I won't be getting F3 til the crap stops. They look like little kids boasting about how hard their dad is.

Ju3394d ago

Well, true. Looks like they need/want GT to market Forza. Lame strategy. But works in most cases. (Best example for a definition what FUD stands for).

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ape0073395d ago

burnout game like 3 and revenge or need for speed hot pursuit 2,looking forward to forza 3 but I don't like sim racing games