1UP: Fuel Review

Open-world racing can work (look at Burnout: Paradise). But where that game succeeded in bringing you a fictional world that was full of life and rival cars to unlock, FUEL gives the player none of that and no incentive to continue playing after few initial hours of gameplay. Ultimately, this is a missed opportunity through and through.

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Omegasyde3395d ago

Wasn't this game suppose to be a "motorstorm killer"?

bakalhau3395d ago

No, people who said that clearly didn't know what they were talking about. I mean, having played the game, it's nothing like Motorstorm. The similarities end pretty much in the fact both are off-road racers. And Fuel even has a lot of actual roads to drive in.

Keyop3394d ago

Vastly under rated game. You need to put some effort into this intially to get the best out of it. Only when you've got a few areas unlocked do you start seeing the diversity of the terrain and the great races that if affords you. It may lack spit and polish, but will reward you if you are prepared to give it the chance.