Sony on Yakuza 3's Localization: "Talk to Sega!"

Examiner: "A fan of the series pleaded with Jeff Rubenstein, Social Media Manager of Sony Computer Entertainment America, to bring Yakuza 3 to North America."

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blind-reaper3270d ago

If Sega is too busy (or slow) to bring this gem to america (and europe) Sony should ask to publish the game here.

SaiyanFury3270d ago

I have no doubt that Yakuza 3 is coming. With games like Valkyria Chronicles being brought to North America, it's easy to assume that they'll bring it over. Nagoshi Toshihiro-san, the game's producer has stated openly that he'd like to bring both games over as he knows there's an audience for them over here. These games take a long time to translate as did the first two on the PS2. Have faith, and ye shall receive. :)

Syronicus3270d ago

It will just take time. I can't see SEGA passing up on this one. It's just too good a game to pass up on.


Really interesting the Valkyria Chronicles reference.

SRPGs are way less popular in west than Beat'em'ups.

Yakuza 3, with the right control scheme (the one in the JP demo is OK to me, but I don't know is most westerners would be that confortable), would be a major hit.

Still SEGA is pretty slow at that...

specialguest3270d ago

In another 2 damn years! Yakuza 2 was released in Japan on Dec. 2006, and finally made it to US and EU by Sept. 2008.

Damn you Sega! Why the long wait?!?

skip2mylou3270d ago

they were working on Valkirya Chronicles

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mastiffchild3270d ago

It'll come but it won't be til next year. Look for them to try in the spring/early summer of 2010-with a bigger push than 1 and 2 failed with as well.

Kenzan, however, is less likely to appear in western form. I believe the guy who told me this as he's been very right in the past-esp with regard to Sega stuff(he knew well before most that they would publish The Conduit f'rinstance).

adrock20993270d ago

Make them release this over here. All I need is some subtitles, really! Also, maybe be super cool and release 3 and Kenzan together, you know, for making us wait.

SickNick853270d ago

Sega need to know that Yakuza 3 is a Killer Application in Europe...

if they publish a game 2 years later is too late and people don't buy it

ultimolu3270d ago

>.< Bring this game here, now!

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