BlueHeroGaming: Lets Tap hands-on Preview

BlueHeroGaming previewed Let's Tap, which features five tapping games that can be played with up to four friends on the Nintendo Wii console.

It seems that the wii has officially become the home for mini games since it was launched. However, a game like Let's tap is always welcome due to its rather unusual concept. The game works by simply tapping a box with the wii remote on top of it. It will translate different taps into either 2 inputs used throughout many of the mini games available. A brave idea and one which has paid off as it certainly proves to have addictive game play.

The game consists of mini games which as mentioned require accurate tapping to get through them. It is incredibly easy to get into which means just about anyone can grab a box and start tapping.

The visuals in the game are simple but all the colours make it easy to see objectives. For example in the Rhythm Tap Mini game, different taps are represented by a different bright colour making it easy to distinguish them. Each of the mini games has different backgrounds although they all look slightly similar.

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