PC World list their highest rated HD players

The Samsung BD-P1000 leads the pack with its well-rounded design and strong image quality, but other players follow close behind--including the relatively bargain-priced Sony PlayStation 3, and one of our top image-quality performers, the Sony BDP-S1.

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Bill Nye4267d ago

Why no "Blu-ray beats HD-DVD" title?


techie4267d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

depends how many requests I get :)

Anyway I'm almost certain they don't have that HD-DVD Player that won that award on this list...does it? If so then it would probably trump all of these, but this recent list (3/27) can be informative for those who are thinking of getting one of the players.

BIadestarX4267d ago

I new something like this was comming after the ""HD-DVD beats Blu-ray" article.

Raist4267d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

nevermind :D

InMyOpinion4267d ago

The article does not feel game related.

techie4267d ago

that's why it's in TECH only :)

InMyOpinion4266d ago

Sorry about that. I didn't know there was a 'Tech' department =)

CAPS LOCK4266d ago (Edited 4266d ago )

have you noticed that ps3 was the only HDMI 1.3 version there? even the top blu ray player had HDMI 1.1
and the Toshiba HD-XA2 was the only HD DVD player with HDMI 1.3.

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