Gaming Union: Wolfenstein Preview

Gaming Union writes "Wolfenstein has been around for quite some time now, originating in 1992 as one of the very first games in the first person shooter genre. The most recent game in the franchise was Return To Castle Wolfenstein which came out in 2001.

So now 8 years since the last full release, it's about time for a sequel. B.J. Blazkowicz is back again and still fighting the Nazi regime in 1943. This time though, B.J. has a new tool at his disposal, the 'veil'."

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Kyll3330d ago

Feels more like eight and a half years.. xD. Can't wait any longer!

Selyah3330d ago

bout time to be honest can't believe its been that long either

ShawnCollier3329d ago

The behind-the-scenes demo at E3 was interesting, to say the least.