WTP: Dokapon Journey Review

WTP writes: "There are a few additional thematic elements that may cause concern. The ability to fight and steal items and benefits from other players is a very important part of gameplay, and can leave the victim in a position where it's difficult – though not impossible – to catch up to the others. (The ad copy even bills the competitive elements of Dokapon Journey as "friendship-destroying", which is a bit of a creative exaggeration… we hope.) Players can choose to rob shopkeepers, but run a risk of failing and becoming a wanted criminal for other players to hunt down for high rewards. If the player succeeds, they cannot visit the shop of the victimized merchant again. It's also possible for characters that move to a certain space to "forge a contract with the devil," which temporarily grants additional strength and an "evil" appearance, but forces the player to forfeit abilities in exchange".

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