GameSpot: God of War III Hands-On

Fans of the God of War games know that Kratos rarely needs a good reason to dish out some of the most brutal onscreen lashings ever seen, but it just so happens that this time around the less-than-affable hero has found the perfect reason to justify his rage: revenge. With E3 2009 tapering off on its final day, GameSpot managed a sneak attack on the Sony Europe lounge, where they got their dirty little hands on God of War III and experienced the combat prowess of what could possibly be the angriest man in games.

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bpac1234567893394d ago

after i saw the head rip i was sold. Nah who am i kiddin i was sold long before then.

SnuggleBandit3394d ago

ya me too! This game will have it all... story + gameplay + graphics

sirbigam3394d ago

I wonder what we get with a pre-order Ggggggggggigity!