Motion Control Speculation: 3rd Parties and Exclusivity

Since Sony and Microsoft unveiled their motion control schemes at E3 there has been no shortage of speculation about the impact these new interfaces will have on the gaming industry. Most of this speculation has fallen into two very limited categories: 50s news reel-esque semi-factual attempts to imagine the grand, glorious future of interactive entertainment (flying cars and all) and "Why Console X Will Be Victorious in the Motion Wars" fan fiction. Both of these topics are fine (and inevitable), but tripartite motion control will have ramifications that are at once more pragmatic and more impactful than the current crop of Amazing Stories and console war arms race articles indicate. This is particularly true when it comes to 3rd party developers and software exclusivity, issues that are already significant points of contention between the three primary console manufacturers.

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blind-reaper3393d ago

I would definitely buy one of those ugly sony MC(motion controller) to play Umbrella chronicles and darkside c.

qface643392d ago

i don't really see certain wii exclusive games going to the other motion controls especially natal since that uses no control at all

ChickeyCantor3392d ago

I dont really get how the other 2 work with forces they recieve by hand.
Does anyone have more detail on this?
As far as i know Wii-mote + M+ can track the movement you make including the force you use. How does Natal and the PS3-mote do this?
I couldn't really find much on this matter.