RPGamer: White Knight Chronicles Impressions

RPGamer was lucky enough to find themselves in the VIP area of Sony's booth during E3, and it was here that they were able to get some real quality time with the English build of White Knight Chronicles for the PlayStation 3. They started off in a desert area with a party of 3 characters, one of whom was the main character who is capable of summoning the titular White Knight.

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40cal3394d ago

I will be picking this up later this year.


I cant wait for this one. With everything I have seen and hearing, this could be the one to take some market share from FF. Long shot but maybe.

Bishop3393d ago

SquareEnix has already lost a great deal of support compared to where they were during their FFX days.

Raoh3393d ago

i'm really disappointed this isn't coming out this year :(