Cheat Code Central: Prototype Review

Despite all the great next-gen games I've played over the last few years, Prototype sticks out as one of the very best. This is largely due to the butter-smooth controls and the game's enormously powerful protagonist; playing as Alex Mercer is the gaming experience mature players have always wanted. Truly, this is one of the most enjoyable titles I've ever had the pleasure of playing.

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WildArmed3328d ago

wow thats awesome score.
2 great sandbox games back-2-back.
wow Im in 4 a treat!

4pocalyps33328d ago

i know. i thout infammous would keep me entertained until this came out. but i still cant put infamous down. ive been playing on it nonstop only until my controller runs out of battery. still trying to cllect the shards and everything. probs wont get prototype until next week....hopefully.