Achievement: A Grievance

Gamer Limit writes "More and more games are coming out filled to the gills with rewards and achievements for the most banal of things; each time you finish a level you are rewarded with an unlocked achievement".

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4pocalyps33329d ago

i'm saying yeah. mainly because without them i wouldn't be doing things i would normally do or trying to get them or going for them.

for example, street fighter 4, get all medals or uncharted, get so and so kills whilst hanging from a ledge.

it just gives that extra challenge that you wouldn't normally think of doing. that's just me anyway.

Tony P3328d ago

I don't see the merit of the complaint either. MS was wise enough to mandate achievements across the board and it's served them well enough so that their competitors and contemporaries decided to follow along in at least the implementation. Sure some devs phone it in, but that's their laziness and not the fault of the feature.

Gamertags3328d ago

Achievements have changed the face of gaming. The PS3 has its own system (while not as addictive in my book I am level 8 now) and each day I try to play and get at least another 20 points.

Here is a tip folks, GAMEFLY is awesome! :-)

Happy point hunting!

rockleex3328d ago

Who need goals, goals, and MORE goals!

We could easily set up our own goals for our games, but it would feel like we're just messing around. But if it was built into the game, then it would feel like we're just trying to complete the game to the best of our abilities. ^_-

Seraphim3328d ago

I agree. With trophies/achievements I've been getting more out of most of my games. Not only because they give me incentive to go back and play them again but because they encourage me to do things I might not have tried doing, or might have done once or twice instead of making a habit of doing it while playing... Call it what you will regarding them but I can honestly say that I've never got more out of my games now that I have them...

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PirateThom3329d ago

They don't make games better, but they do extend the life of some games.

We don't "need" them, but if they cost nothing, why not have them?

Cloud-14093329d ago

It depends on what sort of gamer you are.

BX813328d ago

I agree. If you love them it makes the game more exciting knowing you're about to come up on one. If not it's a plus anyway.

ASSASSYN 36o3329d ago

If this nut doesn't like achievements. Then why don't he turn achievement notifications off. Ignoring them is optional. And why do people cry over the most trivial things on the internet. I understand everyone doesn't like everything about 360 gameing. But you have the ultimate option. Play or no play. MS never FORCED anyone to buy a console...if so we would have saw that article a long time ago.

Sonyslave33329d ago

know i will like to see a trophy do we need them article.

Vintrus3329d ago

Me thinks Trophy's could easily be covered under the 'achievement' title

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The story is too old to be commented.