Forget PSP Level Gaming with iPhone 3Gs

Jordan Lund mocks the Fishlabs CEO Michael Schade's claim that the new iPhone 3Gs' OpenGL 2.0 feature could allow it to surpass the PSP.

Excerpt: "Here's the problem with that: if you write an app that takes advantage of OpenGL 2.0, then it will ONLY work on the new iPhone 3Gs. It will not work on the first or second gen iPhone or iPod touch. Schade correctly states that "It's definitely not worth it for $0.99 apps." But then, even if you tried charging $19.99 - the way some online games are priced for the PSP - you still have to code multiple levels of graphical detail. One level for the old model iPhones/iPod Touches and one for the new model. Very quickly, you will reach a point of diminishing return."

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TomMcBaum3394d ago

...the PSP has nothing to worry about. That thing (from Gameloft) looked like ass. And, given that Apple showed it off at its Developer's Conference keynote, they must have thought it's one of the best titles out there. All the other games they showed looked butt-ugly, too. Watch the keynote for yourself and see if you don't agree with me.

JonahFalcon3394d ago

It's Gameloft. They're not exactly Epic Games or Splash Damage.

Mo0eY3394d ago

Screw Gameloft, check out Rolando is one awesome game.

Close_Second3394d ago

...looks like fun but by no means does it look to be pushing the IPhone/Touch at all. Certainly not something that warrants the use of OpenGL2.0

dragunrising3394d ago

No one is going to pay more than $10 for any iPhone game regardless of quality. The reason iPhone games will never be on par with PSP is because the budget for these titles is so much smaller. iPhone games sell by virtue of quality AND price. Rolando is a perfect example of this and its only $5.99. I would say the sweet spot for PSP sits at around $20. Patapon 1 or 2 are good examples.

anh_duong3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

once we work out how to play third person shooters, first person shooters, platforming games and sports game (fifa etc) on the iphone then we can say the iphone has beaten the psp as a gamer's choice for handheld gaming.

we need buttons people. have onscreen buttons isn't going to cut it. anyone (me being one of them) who owns an iphone knows this.

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timestoby3394d ago

gaming on iphone just isnt for real gaming tho

qface643394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

im sorry but personally i think if anyone ever picks a iphone over a ds or psp for gaming is just very silly

xabmol3394d ago


Get it? Get it? xP

BYE3394d ago

No idea why people keep comparing iPhone games to DS and PSP games. It's not there!

I tried a few iPhone games, there are decent Zelda clones, Bubble Bobble, surgical games and all that. But they're nowhere near the quality and production value of a retail DS game. In fact, they feel sloppy compared to retail DS and PSP games.

Fun? Yes, but don't expect too much.

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