How Bioware Blew It

GameHounds' Cooper Hawkes writes:

"Bioware is the latest and to my mind greatest stepdad a gamer could ask for. Beautiful looking games, fun to play, well plotted, all around the greatest gaming developer ever created.
Until last night."

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hay3389d ago

It seems like this guy haven't watch any movies, read any books, or played any other RPG's. Plot holes happen. Even oh-so-beloved Lord of the Rings or classic like Robinson Crusoe had some. Seriously.

ALoneWolves3389d ago

The hell is this? Why was it approved. It's a blog, some guys personal opinion. Or was this some fanboy attack on an exclusive to get it up here.

Anyway the author is wrong.

At no stage could Saren just have walked up to the council chambers and used the computer terminal.

I mean, think about how hard the human abadassor hard to fight just to get an audience. The place would have been heavily secured, CSEC guards and the like.

Even Spectres with all their freedoms can’t do what they want, for example Shepard’s ship get locked down. So he couldn’t have just come in later, security forces never sleep, especially for something as important as the seat of galactic power.

No, Saren needed to get a small strikeforce onto the Citadel, to fight his way up to control pannel. I mean when you walk up the citadel tower, you can see evidence of some heavy destruction, pillars are knocked over, there’s fire everywhere. Sure you could blame the attack for the damage… but indoors? To that degree? It looks far worse than the outside of the tower did.

Granted, you can walk up there as Shepard without a reason, but for gameplay so liberties must be granted, Shepard wouldn’t be really walking around the Citadel throwing grenades at civilians as it is possible to do.

Topshelfcheese3389d ago

LoTR is the funniest one. All they had to do was have the giant eagle birds carry the stupid hobbit to mordor and drop the ring in, movie done in 10min.

People fail to understand that if logic was involved, games wouldn't be as long or fun.

NDEN3389d ago

Or ideally just drop in the hobbit, ring'n'all.

zoneofenders3389d ago

before talking about plot, i think we should first deal with the issue of repetitive side quests...........

Zedux3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

I don't expect anything good coming from them!

DrJones3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

Actually If they did that, they would have been intercepted by Ringwraiths Or flamed by the eye of Sauron on the way.

So you see ... they couldn't have done that.

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-MD-3389d ago

Don't really care about plot holes the game itself is fantastic.

Foxgod3389d ago

ugh, everything got plot holes.
It should also become forbidden on n4g to post blogs, as any moron can put a blogsite up and write an article.

N4g should go viable source only.

Nergardless3389d ago

for the first time foxgod i fully agree with u ban those stupid blogs

shocky163389d ago

Yet to mention it's a ****ing blog people why approve this?


Anyway Mass Effect 2 is my personal GOTY 2009 already.

creepjack3389d ago

Wow, so that's it? THat's what has him so upset? I can pick apart any story if I really wanted to, but why would I want to?

Like someone else said, they have got to stop posting people's blogs here. If this is what they are going to do, they should change the name to B4G, Blogs for Gamers, because this kind of crap isn't news.

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The story is too old to be commented.