Xbox 360 vs PlayStation 3: Motion Technology

Platform Nation wrote an editorial piece on the differences between the two motion control technologies and went on and explained which they feel is going to be the best of the two technologies.

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da720izcumin3330d ago

this kind of articles are based on opinions and thus should not be here....
if its opinions you want, read all my comments, even, I make more sense than this fool...

DasBunker3330d ago

natal=casual games and shovelware ala wii, it cant even sense wrist or finger movements yet, god knows when they will perfect it so it actually comes out..(and suddenly fanboys love motion sensing LMAO)

PS3 controllers=sony is aiming to use it in regular games like FPS and swordplay as it was demostrated, it was more accurate than the wii and theyre trying to merge hardcore games with motion sensing..

lol which one sounds better? have fun playing shovelware with natal..

Kill Crow3330d ago

Dasbunker the pink Sony dildo IS a wii controller .... you just pwned yourself !!!

TheBand1t3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

So if they said Natal won this article wouldn't be flamebait?

FYI, d00d, people who say one motion tech is more impressive than the other are stating their opinion, not fact, no matter what site it comes from.

Personally I think both of them are equally shìt

SaiyanFury3330d ago

I won't lie, I didn't see the MS press conference so I cannot comment on Natal's potential, but I did see Sony's motion sensing debut. I have to say I was impressed. 1:1 tracking was coolness, but the demo with the sword and shield was extremely cool to me. Imagine an interactive RPG where you deflect a blow then parry with a sword; THAT is cool to me. And the whole bow and arrow demo. THAT was seriously coolness! I was also impressed by how precise it was. The guy was even able to write out his name smoothly. I hope that MS can do as well but I think they might have a lot to live up to. Sony's demonstration blew me out of the water. Such precision can't be easy to do, but hey. Since I have a PS Eye, it might be something I'd look at in the future if they can do good things with it.

Syronicus3330d ago

I have to ask, why is it a flamebait story? I read it and have to say that they make some very valid points. Having a controller with buttons and the ability to have motion control is great for that extra level of detail in games that might not be achievable in games using the sensing of body motions. Is this article flamebait simply because they give greater props to Sony's idea?

skimming3330d ago

My exposure to MS devs leads me to believe that folks working on these games and peripherial are much more intelligent than the normal folks on the internets...

I'm exposed to MS biz/dev/qe/support folks quite a bit. I've not been exposed to the gaming personnel all that much, though. In my experience, they've all be top notch at their respective fields.

One interesting note that I'll convey is that that DirectX dev and XBox gaming dev are two of the most highly competitive dev departments in MS. This means that those guys are really the best of the best that you'll see; probably similar to top guys at Google or Yahoo.

Knowing this apriori, whatever we think will work or not work in terms of game controls, they will hash and refine to death before releasing.

Really, aside from the debaucle-of-the-rings, every facet of XBox strategy has been top notch, in my opinion. And I suspect that deliver of Natal will be similarly high in quality, content and execution.

StayHigh3330d ago

PS3 will have more better games for their tech..i dont see anything mind blowing coming from natal..It seeem like another eye toy that sony created for the ps2

da720izcumin3329d ago

y the hate?
all i am saying is that this guy makes no sense.
who is to say, that you agree with him only because u r infact a ps3 fanboy....while i am a gamer?
how can you say, the dildo is better than natal, when you didn't see natal in action?
i saw the dildo in action, and let me tell's not pretty...
the thing couldn't even hit a tennis ball with a pan!!!
you know, if i was good with sexual innuendos...this could turn ugly!

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THC CELL3330d ago

to be honest microsoft is doing a killzone 2 stunt
and when GG delivered that was not a problem

My question is will microsoft deliver ?
i dont think so

and again

This is a eye toy with a upgrade
we have been there done that

now eye pet that is something cool
and again i have seen no live game play yet but for sony to
can or hold the getaway and 8 days for eye pet i no there is going to be something amazing

i dont think this is the last we will see coming from sony
they have the best ideas

the ps3 MC will gain exclusive some more also
and not just like wii games im talking hardcore games

lloyd_wonder3330d ago

Let's be real here, the only reason Microsoft doesn't have a controller is because Sony patented the technology a long time ago. Natal can't even read black people! /facepalm

dericb113330d ago

I get your joke. But not all black people are dark skinned. Use therm term correctly cause if I'm not mistaken Obama or Tiger Woods aren't dark skinned but considered black.

Bordel_19003330d ago

Isn't Obama 50% white 50% black.

Silver3603330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

The can't recognize black people was a cute joke yesterday, but it is time to drop it. It borders on racism now.

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DA_SHREDDER3330d ago

Dude you must be really high. I dont understand a damn thing your saying. LOL!

socomnick3330d ago

Lol wow had no idea the eyetoy was that much garbage. :/ Never count on Sony to use something well. But jesus christ those eye toy games were bad lol.

xabmol3330d ago

Yer looking at the future of Natal right there, buddy. (>.0)

You excited?

socomnick3330d ago

yea i dont have high hopes for natal, but I hope they use it as a complimentary or alternative control for retail games, not as a replacement or only control method. :) like they could use it for the definitive racer this gen forza 3 as a camera view method, it could read your head tilt and move the camera inside the co ckpit accordingly.

PopEmUp3330d ago

"Hey you forgot to mention how the ps3 is a complete failure and will get canceled by the end of 2010 :)"

What a fanboy you are no wonder no one taking you seriously Lmao and upgrade of eyes toy, I want to see an article about this more worthy than the one I'm on now lol

CrayzeeCarl3330d ago

Quote from that video:

"I sure love whacking balls!"


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