x360a: Virtua Tennis 2009 Review

x360a writes: "A glass of champagne. Strawberries and cream. A doner kebab and chips. Well, maybe not the last one, but the rest are all the top choices of tennis fans when Wimbledon comes around. Suffice to say, when the tennis season is in full swing there will be a veritable deluge of games to cash in on the spectacle. Here is the first of what might well be many, and it is the unofficial leader of the pack to boot. Virtua Tennis has gripped players with its easy to pick up and play mechanics ever since it was launched in the arcades a decade ago. I remember some mighty duels with a friend of mine back on the Dreamcast (we stopped playing when I beat him 6-0 6-0 one day) which is what sports games are all about really. Here then is a chance for the Virtua series to clamber back to the top. Will it succeed or does it have the nerve of Tim Henman in the last eight?

While the series was originally developed by SEGA this time around the reins have been passed onto Sumo Digital who, besides having a really cool name, also worked on Virtua Tennis 3 and Sega Superstars Tennis – so they know a thing or two about smacking balls around (still your filthy minds)..."

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