Loot Ninja E309: Hands on with Lost Planet 2

Loot Ninja writes: "I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't a huge fan of the first Lost Planet. The gameplay mechanics just doesn't suit my playing style all that well. When Capcom announced the sequel, I didn't get very excited, even though I'm a huge fan of co-op gameplay. After getting some hands on time with the game at Capcom's booth, my mind has been changed on the series."

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thebudgetgamer3324d ago

a couple of weeks ago it was the talk of the town but now. not so much.


ef-u-23324d ago

you know people only cared cause they thought it was an xbox exclusive but now that its coming to the ps3 nobody cares same thing with bioshock 2 nobody cares about it anymore either, ps fanboys are just happy its not exxclusive they probably wont even get the game bioware was smart they know they made a masterpiece and didn't wont to compromise the integrity of the franchise for a few angry fanboys