x360a: Terminator: Salvation Review

x360a writes: "With the beginning of summer, comes the inevitable "summer blockbuster" movie season. One of the first such blockbusters this year is Terminator Salvation, the fourth film (and apparently the first in a new trilogy) of a sci-fi franchise focusing on the struggle between man and machine. Sounds pretty epic, right? Well, with a long-standing franchise, a video game adaptation is all but guaranteed these days and so we have Terminator Salvation the Video Game. Cue shocked face and epic music, or not, as the case may be.

Looking at the game the first glaring fault is developer GRIN's failure to sign Christian Bale for either voice-acting or likeness rights. Instead, the role of John Connor is voiced by a seasoned video game voice actor Gideon Emery and the character model is just... some dude. However, the characters of Blair (Moon Bloodgood; yes that is her real name) and Barnes (rapper Common; not his real name) are voiced by their movie counterparts and there is even a game-exclusive character named Angie voiced by Rose McGowan. So a few big stars were signed, but the main character of John Connor should have been their first agenda and it really just makes you wonder how serious they were about getting this game looking the part..."

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