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Submitted by Shayera 2436d ago | review

Prototype Review at CheatCC

CheatCC says, "All in all, Prototype is one of the best games to release this generation and is definitely the best game to drop in 2009 (so far). Outside of the lackluster stealth and disguising mechanic, the brutal combat, huge open-world, varied challenges, and utterly satisfying gameplay makes this a must-have title for any serious gamer's collection. Get ready to put your life on hold!" (PC, Prototype, PS3, Xbox 360) 4.9/5

deadreckoning666  +   2436d ago
I just got the game, its amazing. THIS GAME IS A MUST HAVE AND IS WORTH THE 60 BUCKS. Buy without hesitation guys.

BTW: I only own a PS3 and PROTOTYPE rapes INFAMOUS in fun factor. This game is so good that it will make any fanboy forget about the console wars and just enjoy games again. I haven't had this much fun with a game since the first day I got GTA3. If u enjoy action, U NEED THIS GAME. The graphics are alot better than I expected and the all the youtube vids of this game are no comparison to how entertaining PLAYING the game actually is.

Add me: PSN, deadreckoning666
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IrishAssa  +   2436d ago
that's good to hear, I may get it now
DasBunker  +   2436d ago
im gonna preorder 10 copies right now thanks for your valuable opinion.

WildArmed  +   2436d ago
lol i wonder why ur post is in the Open Zone.
oh wait! thats right! fanboys are openly welcome here ^^
SolidAhmed  +   2436d ago
that was a surprise i did not see that coming?
Rainstorm81  +   2436d ago
inFAMOUS was great and now Prototype may be great too.

2009 the year of great games.
Rock Bottom  +   2436d ago
Nice score
But there's something I don't get with these sites, I mean 4.9/5? Like seriously?
They should have just made it a complete 5.

If you feel the need to get that much specific with your scores then just use bigger numbers for your rating system. you know like 10/10 or 100/100, something clearer and easier to comprehends. Using something like 5/5 and then partitioning(don't know if this is the right word here) it like this makes you look like someone who doesn't know what he want.
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LastDance  +   2436d ago
They must have playd a different game that I was playing yesterday.
The graphics were terrible. The gameplay was cool for about 2 minutes before it got old.
ChampIDC  +   2436d ago
I was going to wait a little on this one, but with all these good scores, I might have to grab it when it goes up on Steam tomorrow.
mistajeff  +   2436d ago
I agree with 1.3. I'm truly baffled at how good of reviews this game is getting, I completely lost interest after a half an hour. In all fairness, the graphics can be good at times, and I'm impressed with how many characters they fit on the screen at once, but at other times the textures look like PS2 textures and the controls are undeniably sloppy. And I completely stopped caring about the plot after maybe 10 minutes. Completely. No interest.

I can't even compare it to infamous because I've hardly played any of infamous, either. But on its own merits, I really don't understand why this game is getting reviews above 7.5.
Zikron  +   2436d ago
@Rock Bottom I'm sorry you have a hard time comprehending decimals. I'll help you out since I'm such a nice guy a 4.9 out of 5 translates as follows:

9.8 out of 10
98 out of 100
This would be equal to an A in school.

I'll make sure to contact any publications I see using decimals and tell them they are hard for my friend Rock Bottom to understand.
red5ive  +   2436d ago
out of 5.... i have never seen anything like this before.
Rock Bottom  +   2436d ago
OMG Zikron, doing fourth grade math with such ease, your mommy must be proud.
DasBunker  +   2436d ago
"Best game in 2009 (so far)"?.. LMFAO

well looks like the game is decent.. ill get it used when theres nothing worth playing.
raztad  +   2436d ago
Just out of curiosity, why do you say that? Have you played the game already?

I'm trying to make my mind and I still find very suspicious that very few reviews are out thus far.
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spunnups  +   2436d ago
Better than Killzone 2, Resident Evil 5, Street Fighter 4, AND inFAMOUS? Really?!??!
gamesR4fun  +   2436d ago
I got it today
not far nough in to give a decent review but the first hour or so in n the games hella fun.
Finished inFamouse and i gotta say graphics dont seem as nice still gameplays solid n hella lots to do XD
mintaro  +   2436d ago
Why not? I'll be inclined to believe if you can tell my why it can't be better than those games.
Eiffel  +   2436d ago
Radical now has their own IP to be proud of.
khrisnifer  +   2436d ago
You can smell the PS3 fanboy hate a mile away
The game is a must-buy. Got it today. I have both consoles.
Real gamer 4 life  +   2436d ago
Why would ps3 fans hate? When they can play both.
Eiffel  +   2436d ago
Of course they're hating, for two reasons.

1. Its multiplat
2. Its a great game.

Anything that is not exclusive is Enemy #1 to them.
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lloyd_wonder  +   2436d ago
I have inFamous and a PS3. Might pick this up if reviews are consistently high.

A 4.9 is a damn good score.
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WildArmed  +   2436d ago
ps3 fanboys are having the best time of their lives.
inFAMOUS AND Prototype for PS3 owners! Wowie!
Am i lucky or what!?

btw all fanboys have issues.
and what u said there is absolutely stupid.
90% of those so called 'fanboys' love MW2 n COD4.. yet its a mutliplat.

360 fanboys mite be mad that they only got one of the two best sandbox game of 09 on their consoles.
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maniacmayhem  +   2436d ago
@ skv007
Besides Crackdown,

That game was awesome also.
Rainstorm81  +   2436d ago
didnt come out in 2009
Kushan  +   2436d ago
I can officially say I've played it on both consoles (Albeit only for about 30mins on the PS3) and it's definitely a quality game. Couldn't say I noticed any differences on either console, but that's besides the point: It's a damn fun game and worthy in anyone's collection. And I played infamous as well (once again, briefly) and plan to pick that up at a later date. Don't really know how I can be more neutral than that, both great games, prototype is great on both systems, etc.
Just buy it already.
LONEWOLF231  +   2436d ago
Man my local GS dont get it till tomorrow............
Syronicus  +   2436d ago
"You can smell the PS3 fanboy hate a mile away"
Maybe it's not fanboy hate but a more objective look at the game considering that many PS3 owners have had a chance to play inFAMOUS for over a week and know what a great open world super hero game should be like? I am going to rent Prototype but half expect it to be a little shy of the experience that inFAMOUS provided.
Real gamer 4 life  +   2436d ago
As soon as i am done with infamous, i will definitely pick up prototype.
Serjikal_Strike  +   2436d ago
Me too
I just barely beat it with up is Evil side..

on topic:::: great scores so far..

Can anyone who has played prototype and infamous can u tell me which one is the better of the two?
gamesR4fun  +   2436d ago
evils way harder imo no homing on yur megawathamer :( tho arc lightnings fun :D
4pocalyps3  +   2436d ago
yeah but with evil you can hit anyone without having the need to heal them. and if u do hit them and ther still not out giv em a good ol' kick xD its wat i always do. kick em like a football (talking about pedestrians lol)
ptotoy  +   2436d ago
so there's an embargo for reviews that do not give this game a 9
embargo ends tomorrow at 10 PST.. people who buy this game day one are getting duped.. it's really a 7.5-8 game.. man, the embargo sucks..

it's a good game for sure, but i doubt its a 9.8.. lol
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aldesko  +   2436d ago
Is there really an embargo?

I've heard from people with modded 360s that the game is not that great, but fun.
Shayera  +   2436d ago
Embargo's Lifted
The game is really fun and slightly more so than inFAMOUS. However, they're both great games.

As for the embargo, GamePro broke it today, so Activision gave the green light to everyone else for posting the review. There's no reason to have an embargo when the game is already available at some retail stores.
Spike47  +   2436d ago
Well, looks like Prototype will do better than Crackdown
judging from reviews.
Why dis  +   2436d ago
Why not a full 5? anyways the game was getting so much praise behind the scenes there was no reason for a demo.
Serjikal_Strike  +   2436d ago
A demo would still be nice
it would help me with my decision to buy or rent
Why dis  +   2436d ago
Disagrees? lol All the media that was exposed to the game have given it great praise.
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Zikron  +   2436d ago
Why not a 5? Hmm… well did you read the review or just see the score and the summary? I am going to assume the later.

But if you actually read the review you would see that flaws are pointed out in the game. If the game is not perfect then it does not deserve a perfect score.
DanSolo  +   2436d ago
I'm just finishing inFamous on the Evil playthrough (did the good one first), so depending on the proper reviews when its actually out, I may well have to pick Prototype up and give that a hammering as well!
MajesticBeast  +   2436d ago
aint convinced saw some1 do a playthrough on and it looked repetetive to me but ill base it on some more reviews.
DevilishSix  +   2436d ago
Saying a game is repetitive is like saying the sky is blue, almost all games suffer from the repetitive bug by the time you reach the finish line. I really enjoy Infamous, its one of my favs this year and guess what, its missions get repetitive.

Also, I to watched the JustinTv play through and seriously that guy sucked at gaming, oh maybe it was the mission I watched that he died 8 times and instead of changing up his strategy he quit out of the mission to free roam, what a lame gamer.
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Veneno  +   2436d ago
The xbox fanboys flip-flop like nobody's business around here....
Now they're claiming that the ps3 fans started dissing prototype when it was the complete opposite way with them hating on inFamous. Why would a ps3 fan hate on Prototype? It just means more choice on the ps3 and less on the 360.

0Oh yeah, and motion controls are now the future of gaming. There will be nothing else. (sarcastic). And Nintendo didn't start the trend. Microsoft isn't riding the bandwagon.
Why dis  +   2436d ago
You have it wrong everybody was excited for this and PS3 fans started the Infamous trip and its been an *attack vs give it a chance* sort of thing for months.
#12.1 (Edited 2436d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
Veneno  +   2436d ago
You, sir, are a liar.....
And you can't sit there and tell me that the Xbox fanboys didn't say that motion controls were casual crap and then do a complete 180 after E3.
DARK WITNESS  +   2436d ago
are you kidding...

go back a few weeks and check some of the prototype and Infamous articles...

I agree, it does not make sense at all as its a multiplat anyway, but incase you have not noticed logic and or common sense are in short supply when it comes to the reasoning of some fans round here.

the only people flip flopping round here are the ones who were going on about Infamous is exclusive therefore its optimized for ps3 meaning its by far the better game ( never mind if they have actually played it or not )

please don't spin this into something its not, for the most part 360 fans have been looking forward to this game because its the only option they have. the only complaints have been it looking like hulk, even them i am sure i have heard it being called hulk 2.0 by some ps3 fans.

I own both systems, in my book there are 3 great sandbox games out now; Redfaction, Infamous and this ( prototype is the only one i have not played yet cos its out friday here ).

personally i am looking forward to it, i have always said best thing is just to try the game yourself. A lot of people were talking the same crap about redfaction, but after playing Infamous i am actually enjoying it more.
Black Maverick  +   2436d ago
@ Veneno
You hit it on the head. For any doubters, just read through the comments in this article:

Most PS3 owners have already stated they'd be getting both. Just the "usual suspects" stirring up stuff.
dogmeat eater  +   2436d ago
well good score
But still no real reviews. This is from a cheat site. So pretty lame. I want a gametrailers review. LOL, why do people think PS3 users hate this game? Everybody can play it. Well besides wii owners hahahahaha.
Edit: It wasn't the PS3 fans that started to dis this game. It was everyone.
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Spike47  +   2436d ago
You miss the fact that long before when Prototype was shown everybody was laughing at its graphics
even before they were comparing it to Infamous. Anyway, I hope you know that it is multiplatform.
Sir Ken_Kutaragi  +   2436d ago
It's been a Good year so far for the 'PS3'
KillZone 2(ONLY on PS3)
InFamous(ONLY on PS3)

TheMART  +   2436d ago
I think I've said before that Prototype looks more fun then inFamous because of the weapons/gameplay etc.

Guess I'm right in the end, after many PS3 fans were crying about it.
ptotoy  +   2436d ago
little boy marty, don't celebrate just yet
wait for the real reviews, which are being held back by the embargo until tomorrow.. look like the embargo is for reviews with a score less than a 9.. that's why you see all these great scores now.

whether it's inFAMOUS > prototype or inFAMOUS = prototype, only ps3 owners get to play both..
callahan09  +   2436d ago
It's a matter of opinion. Just because you think it and one reviewer corroborates that opinion does not make it factual. Of all reviews so far up on Metacritic for Prototype, only 2 of the sources have also reviewed inFamous. Cheat CC gave Prototype the better score, and GamePro gave them both the same score. In order to even assume a general consensus of professional game critics we'll need to wait until there are more sources that come in.

Whatever you prefer, that's fine. Doesn't mean somebody else won't prefer the other, or even think they're equal. In the end, it doesn't matter. They are two different games, both worth playing, and some people will get to enjoy them both and others will miss out on inFamous because they don't have access to a PS3. No need to dismiss it just because Prototype exists to make yourself feel better for not having the means to play inFamous.
#16.2 (Edited 2436d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Lastlivingsoul  +   2436d ago
Every time a PS3 exclusive comes out, I see a ton of 360 fanboys hating on it, just cause its a PS3 exclusive. Now, the same morons are in here talking about how PS3 fanboys want Prototype to fail cus it's multiplat? Seriously?
I cannot wait to play prototype...that takes nothing away from the fact that inFamous is an outstanding game, but so far it looks like Prototype is getting better reviews. That is great...regardless, I am thrilled that I get to play both.
Sucks that almost everything 360 has coming exclusively looks as generic and mediocre as 95% of their exclusive library. (at least Mass Effect2 is coming...sweet). We are all a little bitter about it. But you really think inFamous, Heavy Rain, Uncharted, White Knight Chronicles, Demon Souls, GOW3, Ratchet&Clank, Fat Princess, Last Guardian and MAG suck just because their not on 360? Sad.
#17 (Edited 2436d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Rhezin  +   2436d ago
you're a ps3 fan too moron
you own a god damn ps3.
Kushan  +   2436d ago
Right, I'm going to settle this silly debate since I've actually played both Prototype and inFamous:

They are BOTH great games. inFamous has a fair bit more depth to it, with the whole good/bad thing and all that, but Prototype is more simple "pick up and play" fun. They both have a similar theme, but execute it vastly differently. inFamous is the kind of game you will want to sit down with and get stuck in for a few hours a time, prototype is the kind of game you pick up and blast for 5mins or 5hours, it's up to you. I'm sure as hell getting both, that's for sure.
Raoh  +   2436d ago
nice, nothing like two back to back good games.
XDF  +   2436d ago
Yup Red Faction Guerrilla and Prototype are great back to back games on my X360. I agreed with you 110%.
#20.1 (Edited 2436d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Unicron  +   2436d ago
I shall purchase it, and put it on my shelf next to inFamous.

My wallet weeps. But 2009 = great year for gaming!
ElementX  +   2436d ago
All the haters said Prototype would never compare to inFAMOUS. Now they're saying they never saw it coming. I never doubted this game. I hate fanboys and their blind devotion. They all look like idiots now
#22 (Edited 2436d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
DeathMetal  +   2436d ago
So true
I have played both and protype is better imo. I have the PC version and it looks and plays great. Just cause infamous is exclusive all the little fanboys around here say it is better. And by the way infamous graphics are nothing special, I laughed after reading posts here and actualy seeing the game. Protype on PC FTW
Grimhammer00  +   2436d ago
I have both for PS3
I own a 360 - but have no idea what it's like from a comparison view point.

Both games are very good...exceptional actually! I give Infamous the edge for graphics and depth - but depth is subjective in this case, I mean Prototype has a lot to do, but smaller areas to explore...not fully open at the beginning...well neither is Infamous.

Anyhow, here the details i look for that COULD mar a game.
-Framerate - Silky smooth even with massive amounts of destruction!
-grphx are good...above average
-AI is okay.....AI seems better in Infamous
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   2436d ago
Good to hear this game is doing good.

I don't see why anyone would want a game to fail. They're for entertainment seriously.
Kyur4ThePain  +   2436d ago
So sad...
Arguments have been reduced to comparing a game available on the PS3 to another game available on the PS3.
Maybe the fact that some people have the opportunity to play both doesn't sit well with a portion of the N4G community.
#25 (Edited 2436d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
bman33  +   2436d ago
Honestly, I'm not sure why everyone likes prototype so much. I've played it and I just cant get into it, I found it so boring.The buildings have no detail, no ledges to grab onto at all, they just look like big painted blocks. The graphics are so poor and the game is so repetitive. I played for a couple hours hoping it got better as you got farther and I nearly fell asleep.
baodeus  +   2436d ago

wait what? it doesn't have a ledge to hang on too? LOL what do u think this game is....infamous? Did u actually play the game or what? I mean i haven't play it either but i know he doesn't need to climb a building. U should go and watch some trailers or something.

Good review so far. Looks like a fun game for both consoles.
#26.1 (Edited 2436d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
nycredude  +   2436d ago
Another case of a multiplat game getting passes for technical issues. From more reputable sites all I have heard about this game is it get repetitive very fast and the graphics suck with no details.
robotnik  +   2436d ago
I will buy it later for 20 €
When the price drops, because this game, my friends, its that kind of game, big reviews at first, but they keep waning on score until they reach a 7.

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