NZGamer: Red Faction: Guerrilla Review

NZGamer writes: "As far as the negative aspects of the game go, there are just a couple to mention. Sometimes the game does tend to rely too heavily on its awesome Geo-Mod engine meaning that the gameplay can get slightly repetitive. Seeing things blow-up is great the first few thousand times, but after a while it loses a bit of its gloss. Also not being able to save at any location can also get tedious at times with the amount of traveling you do in the sprawling world. These are very minor complaints however as there is no doubt that Guerrilla is an excellent game and a promising revival to the Red Faction franchise. The single-player missions (with a few activities added) clocks in at over 20 hours of captivating gameplay. Add to this the multiplayer aspects and replay value with the dynamic style of play and you have a very worthy title for your hard-earned moola".

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