Iwata reveals first info for Wii Vitality Sensor software

Satoru Iwata decided to unveil the Wii Vitality Sensor at E3 a few days ago, but he failed to provide details regarding the software that the peripheral would support. Today, however, the first details for Nintendo's game have come to light.

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qface643176d ago

just use it in a horror game Dx

Tacki3176d ago

Just wait till next year when they announce the Wii Fertility Sensor.

LJWooly3176d ago

Or embarass all your friends with the Wii Virginity Sensor.

qface643176d ago

BOTH OF YOU seriously those would be huge hits they would fly off the shelves lol

Rockers DeIight3176d ago

I'm surprised that no-one has replaced the finger with a penis.

TruthbeTold3176d ago

If they ever start making GOOD survival horror games again, this would be a cool enhancement. I bet it will be grossly overpriced though.