The Sims 3 first week sales results in 1.4 million units sold and top selling App for iPhone

Electronic Arts announced the first week sales results of The Sims 3 (PC and Mac). Following last week's June 2nd debut of The Sims 3, EA is reporting having sold "more than 1.4 million PC/Mac units within the first week making it the best-selling PC launch in EA's history." The Sims 3 also launched for the iPhone and has locked on the number one spot in Top Paid Apps on the App Store. Gamers are also keeping busy and adding to the numbers with more than 7 million downloads of player created content (Sims, houses, stories and more).

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40cal3272d ago

Is loosing touch with reality because of this game.

3272d ago
qface643272d ago

i bet if it wasn't pirated so much this game would probably be over 2 million right now

spunnups3272d ago

I tried the Sims once and couldn't be more uninterested.

evrfighter3272d ago

Ya really. Boring as all hell but outsells most AAA games released this year. On PC/Mac nonetheless. That's something I won't understand for awhile

TheIneffableBob3272d ago

I actually think it's really fun. It's a nice change of pace from blowing up dudes in shooters and RTS's.

Sangria3272d ago

It's very impressive, especially when you know how much that game can have been downloaded illegally.

dcbronco3272d ago

I'm not sure the crowd that plays that game downloads that many things illegally. Everyone I know that plays it has pretty good jobs and only use their computers for work otherwise.

BRG90003272d ago

I was one of those 1.4 million. Solid sequel. My only little frustration is the parts that were obviously held back for an expansion, like pets, but it is still a ton of content.

ParanoidMonkey3272d ago

Yeah, I agree. I'm enjoying the game a lot, but I'm disappointed with the lack of items that, to me, were staples of the series (pool tables, hot tubs [wtftwftwftwf], pianos, etc). I really hope they don't try and sell them to me via microtransactions. :(