Forza Developer Using Bribes to Skew CNET Poll

PlayStation LifeStyle writes: "We live in a very competitive world, and this is apparent in the video game industry where publishers and developers are constantly trying to get a leg up on their competition, whether it's through clever marketing or brilliant feats of engineering. But what is NOT acceptable is when a publisher or developer uses bribes to gain an advantage. Che Chou, the community manager at Turn 10, has done exactly this, and we feel compelled to inform our readers about the dishonest tactics that the Forza Motorsport developer has chosen to carry out."

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TheHater3325d ago

I wasn't aware of this. Now that I am aware of the situation, I honestly don't know what to think about Turn-10.

qface643325d ago

im jumping in line as well o.o

jessehaysfl3325d ago

EA is staging protests now this? .......I'm starting to hate marketing people.

evrfighter3325d ago

I voted for a unicorn.

I just need to buy a 360 now =\

lord_of_balrogs3325d ago

You guys realize the Turn 10 manager was joking about the free car right? He's just saying vote for Forza 3, the bribe is apparently a rare car in Forza 2. But he was joking about giving away the rare cars.

shingo3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

Seriously. It's getting ridiculous, Turn 10.

If anything, all these stories prove Turn 10 are very scared of GT5. And I can confirm from now that GT5 will rip Forza 3's ass later this year (yes GT5 is likely to come out Dec. 09). Just wait and see.

sonarus3324d ago

What makes it funny is that how does a cnet poll = sales

InfectedDK3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

BUSTED - Welcome on the front page

Loool.. Agreed.
LOL they are very desperate..
Am I the only one that hasn't played the full finished GT 5 yet?
I remember the MS conference "Our game is better than GT","Our game is better than GT","Our game is better than GT","Our game is better than GT","Our game is better than GT",.. Basically that's what they were saying.. Sounded like brainwash lol..

Gran Turismo is THE KING.
Cry desperate Turn-10.. - Let the gamers decide, stop your unfair business and s..t the f... up.. - Sorry had to, they asked for it.

Megaton3324d ago

They're acting so incredibly petty and childish. Their game wasn't even on my radar before, now it is, as a negative blip. They're staining their own image more than Polyphony or GT's.

eelnats20003324d ago

even if they really werent giving away free cars, the fact is, that people thought that they did.
And because of it, they voted thinking that it wasnt a joke.

This then resulted in an unfair advantage against GT.

SO YES, it is still a bribe. The briber just didnt keep his word.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3324d ago

I wonder to what length did MSFT have to go to get all those unwarranted 10s for the Halo, Gears and Forza franchises

Trivia: Che chou is very good friends with former co-worker Dan Hsu @ EGM & 1up, that sellout. Is anyone surprised?????

PAPERCHASER03963324d ago

That sweet commercial " Other companies compare themselves to Toyota...Why not just buy a Toyota. Same with Forza and turn 10 they keep comparing themselves to GT.... lol

jcgamer3324d ago

"Gran Turismo 5...There is no Substitute."

lol :)

eagle213324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

Turd-10 confirmed. :)

TheBrit3324d ago

Than say burger King offering free toys with their kids meals that you cant get at a McDonald? Tying up the Jungle book toy license so that all of the kids have to eat their food in order to get the plastic kid figurine or whatever?

darthv723324d ago

People need to get off this. It only applies to those who go to the forza forums and post how they vote. It isnt cnet at all. Team forza is confident (or scared) and wants to know how you vote and gives you a free car to use in forza 2. So go figure it would only apply to those who have forza 2.

Maybe...just maybe...forza is a better "arcade" racer than GT? I personally like the simplicity of an arcade racer. The sim type is way to complex for my old brain. Having to know about inflation ratio and spring tension is like bla bla bal, bla bla bla bla. To those who like the sim, more power to you.

Just give me a fast car and an open track and I am happy.

GWAVE3324d ago

People are rushing to defend Turn-10 and act as if it's no big deal, but before this information was released, these same people were using the EXACT SAME POLL as some sort of "proof" that Forza 3 will be better than GT 5.

Oh, the hypocrisy. It smells delicious.

40cal3324d ago

06/10/2009 1:00pm
Gran Turismo 5 49% (13101 votes)
Forza Motorsport 3 51% (13409 votes)

Yesterday it was at 30% Gran Turismo and 70% Forza. Turn 10 failed at trying to sku this poll.

Oh, and this is a quote from Turn 10 from yesterdays article.

"I want my kids and my grandma to be able to play"

That is all the proof I need to come to the conclusion that Gran Turismo will remain the Real Driving Simulator.

edgeofblade3324d ago

It's an internet poll. It already has the validity of a not guilty plea from Michael Jackson. Why is everyone acting surprised that someone is actively working to skew the results? I mean, for once, shilling for a company has some positive effect... free content.

gameplayer3324d ago

What's hilarious is that all the whining that consistently comes from the same 30 fanboys that comment on EVERY thread is driving every single forza article to the top of the page! For every fanboy that comments on N4G there is probably a hundred gamers that never look at comments, ever. All they see when they come to N4G is 5 or 6 hot articles at the top of the page and they all say Forza rocks. The sheer stupidity of fanboys is overwhelming!

JokesOnYou3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

First micro doesn't control what a Forza dev says.

Second its an "internet poll", what difference is it really going to make for anybody besides fanboys?, you guys are acting as if they went to PD studio's and sabotaged all their dev work which caused GT5's long delay. lol

Third both games are great, Forza3 is visually on par with GTP but until GT series brings more than just graphics I do believe it surpasses GT and he has every right to be proud of how badass Forza3 looks/plays.

Fourth although I agree that the last GT4 didn't do much besides better graphics, I still think it was a mistake talking down about GT, because truthful or not the naysayers will always hate you and twist it into somekind of gross evil on your part no matter how much credit you give to that same franchise in the same interview by basicly saying it was your motivation/inspiration for making your own game, which you feel is even better.= Thats just not allowed by non-sony devs.

Fifth why does this matter so much to sony folks, you're all going to buy GT5 when it comes out anyway right? lmfao Its not like anybodys going to base their purchase descision on a poll from CNET. Its like making a big deal about the news vid I saw where one journalist noted that sony gave "free" tickets to a bunch of ps fans to attend their E3 conference because obviously they would go crazy for everything sony showed, which gave the illusion that the "live audience" was more excited for sony's show compared to the other E3 shows. Yeah, this IS briefly referenced in one of those E3 vids. Is that not "bribing" or misleading people to create a false impression that what you have to offer is more popular?...but really so what? Those folks sony chose to attend REALLY do like sony's stuff and the forum members had they known about CNET poll would have undoubtedly voted for Forza3 anyway.


shingo3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

I just checked the poll result.. It's funny that this act turned10 against Forza 3 XD

Rock Bottom3324d ago

Haha, even with bribes they can't beat GT.

menoyou3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

Microsoft has been doing this for the 360 all generation long. Why do you think they only use 360 controllers on TV and 360 games in competitions and 360 box art for multi-platform games at GameTrailers, reviewers saying they got free Halo Xbox360s, and more.

People like to cry "conspiracy theory", but here it is... cold hard fact.

Rainstorm813324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

"Is that not "bribing" or misleading people to create a false impression that what you have to offer is more popular?..." - JOY

First it seems that you are implying that The crowd excitement displayed at Sony's press conf was fake and what you heard from one "news journalist" is true. and im dying to know which BTW

Second IF they did, Sony's press conf couldve ended up being some garbage and ended up with the opposite (nintendo) effect. There was no guarantee that anyone was going to automatically like, let alone be excited enough to shout at anyones conference

So no its not the same.

eagle213324d ago

I don't care what you say, GT5 will topple forza for good. :)

JokesOnYou3324d ago

"First it seems that you are implying that The crowd excitement displayed at Sony's press conf was fake"

-No, No I'm not, read carefully because thats exactly what I'm saying about this internet poll bribe= it was on a Forza forum, which means its most likely the majority of the folks there would definitely vote for Forza vs GT if they were asked to participate in a poll, which is exactly why he wanted them to vote, its more of fun thing than anything that matters once the games are released.

-And yes I watched alot of E3 websites vids I can't remember which one it was from but I'm sure other folks saw it too, where two journalists were talking about their E3 impressions and one commented that the crowd got really excited during sonys show and then the other chimed in by basicly saying well thats because sony UNLIKE nintendo and micro actually gave out free tickets specifically to ps fans for their specific show, OBVIOUSLY these people were "grateful" and of course they liked what they saw and cheered loudly to support sony but my point is Sony obviously knew this would "help" give the impression to the viewers at home that people in the audience were more excited about sonys show compared to nintendo/micro's. In the end when I watched I couldn't tell either way, the crowd seem just as excited about both shows at different points so maybe it didn't translate that well when watching on TV. Its not a big deal, its all advertising and PR stunts, I'm not condoning it but out right lying about something being real gameplay when its not is alot different. lol


cmrbe3324d ago

talk about damage control. Joy give it up. You sound lame with every post you try to defend Turn 10 in this thread.

This really goes to show how low these guys will go to undermine GT.

I bet this is just the tip of the Ice Berg of what Turn 10 will do up to the release of their game to undermine GT.

MS knows that they can never have a franchise as highly regarded as GT so what they do instead is undermine it.

GT fans should leave it alone. Froza 3 is crap. I have seen the E3 trailer and i have no idea why people are comparing it to GT. Turn 10 just wants their game to be compared to GT for publicity.

socomnick3324d ago


"The sim type is way to complex for my old brain. Having to know about inflation ratio and spring tension is like bla bla bal, bla bla bla bla. To those who like the sim, more power to you."

No worries m8, forza 3 has an auto tune feature for people new to hardcore sim racers. The way they explained forza was that if you are new to sim racers you could still play and then slowly build yourself up until you are ready to sim with all the helpers off and with real life physics.

prunchess3324d ago

They've been posting articles about the demise of Blu Ray, the PS3 and most things Sony since the PS3 launched. They probably gave Turn 10 the nod about their poll.

Aquanox3324d ago

Now that the Sony boys in that website ran off technical arguments against Forza, they are lurking over the web to find other stupid stuff to talk about.

How about writting an article wondering why Turn 10 will have released 3 Forzas (Yes, 3 full games) since GT4 launch, all of them available before GT5 even sees the light of day. Second question might also be why all of them will surpass GT4 in ratings. (In case somebody want to pull off a Need4Speed excuse)

Now that would be nice to be posted around here.

rockleex3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

So PS3 fans are crybabies for complaining about Turn10's arrogance and bribery?

But its perfectly fine for Xbox fans to complain about Sony's arrogance and lies?

You know what? Its not even really bribing though. They're just encouraging people to go vote for their game with a little added incentive! Its the equivalent of paying someone off to make sure you win a competition!

Oh wait, that IS bribing! >_<

@Jason 360

Yup PS Lifestyle... with a link to the official Forza forums where the bribing is happening.

darkmurder3324d ago

Its obvious he's joking, then you just need to look at the site PS... god is everything xbox the bloody antichrist?

waltercross3324d ago

I Don't really care who wins, or even what one is better.
I'm not really a Racing Sim fan.

However, How is he Joking?
He never said, Just kidding etc, to me there are some
that are defending the actions by this developer by
saying he was joking, CNET didn't think it was a joke
either, They closed the poll because of it.

It's bribery, Bribing is when one offers a service
or good to persuade the other from doing something.

Yeah That's bribing, and I Don't think many care much about
who wins the poll but rather how this Developer went about
recieving It's products votes.
So as gamers this should be concerning.

Sarcasm3324d ago

"Editor's note: After numerous complaints of cheating and in-game content being offered as payment for votes, I've decided to close the poll. Way to ruin the fun for the rest of us, guys."

thesummerofgeorge3324d ago

That was the most idiotic statements I've heard in a long time. Offering a free product with a purchase as incentive to buy it is different than bribing voters to tip the scales in their direction.... It's interfering with a poll, people aren't voting for the best game, they're voting for a bribe.... As if I needed to explain that to you, I mean really, by your logic, bribing voters in a presidential election is no different than Domino's offering 2 for 1 pizzas for the same price as 1 from Pizza Hut.

Time to lay off the paint chips bra!

All-33324d ago

A judge has finalised a settlement in which film studio Sony will pay $1.5m (£850,000) to film fans after using a fake critic to praise its movies.

In 2001, ads for films including Hollow Man and A Knight's Tale quoted praise from a reviewer called David Manning, who was exposed as being invented.

People who saw the films in the US can now get a $5 (£2.80) refund from Sony's pay-out, lawyer Norman Blumenthal said.

Sony did not admit liability in the settlement and declined to comment.

The studio reached the out-of-court agreement to settle the case and avoid the cost and uncertainty of litigation, according to a court notice.

The settlement was agreed last year but has only just been approved by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Carolyn Kuhl.

If the full $1.5m is not claimed, any money left over will go to charity, Mr Blumenthal said.

'Fabricated quotes'

Promotional material for other films including The Patriot, Vertical Limit and The Animal also carried quotes from "David Manning of The Ridgefield Press".

He supposedly called Heath Ledger "this year's hottest new star" for his role in A Knight's Tale, said The Animal was "another winner" and Hollow Man was "one hell of a scary ride".

But The Ridgefield Press, a small paper in Connecticut, said David Manning had never worked for them.

Sony temporarily suspended two employees following an internal investigation into "fabricated quotes on four movie ads".

Buttons3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

Good job Mr. Cadence, you somehow managed to transform a discussion about Turn 10 and driving games into a topic about Sony. Fanboy (imbecile) alert.

All-33324d ago


When you actually learn how to read and comprehend all the comments in this thread, perhaps you'll see why I posted that article. Until then - shut up.

RSX3324d ago

Wtf was that, and why did you post it here? I read a bit of it then i thaught wtf why am I reading this nonsense.

Did you post it because you felt you had to find Sony Bribeing so you can say "Yh well Sony bribe too, see!" Come on man what take two did was wrong I dont know why some people are trying to defend them.

ukilnme3323d ago

I have to agree. This looks like a bribe to me. It won't stop me from buying Forza 3 though.

Nineball21123323d ago

The poll is closed and the results are:

Gran Turismo 5 52% (15731 votes)
Forza Motorsport 3 48% (14530 votes)

LOL... Seems like a fail to me Turn 10.

RebornSpy3323d ago

that this story is by Playstation Lifestyle. I'm not saying that it's not at least based on a true story, but I feel that the site may have distorted or exaggerated the truth in order to turn people against Forza and Turn-10.

Honestly, I wouldn't trust any kind of 360-related articles from a pro-Sony site, or any Playstation-related articles from a pro-Xbox site... Too much bias.

Buttons3323d ago

Calm down there a bit buddy, or you might just lose 'All-3' of your bubbles.

thesummerofgeorge3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

If you look at the comments under the poll, or go to the Forza forum in the link in the article, you'll see people confirming what the article said, so it's not made up by Playstation Lifestyle. You should really read the whole article before making assumptions, seeing as they support their claims with evidence and you don't.

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DJ3325d ago

The admins took this down in seconds.

Mu5afir3325d ago

IT seems, N4G might be getting some of the $$$ from Turn 10 too.

randomwiz3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

wow, the forza devs really want to make themselves feel better for having a game worse than the competition. Don't get me wrong, forza looks pretty fun but...

Turn10: Finally, we finished forza 3. This will be the best racing game
Turn10: dammit... GT5 looks better than our game.
Turn10: uh oh, we might actually lose the cnet poll.
Turn10: Tell them we'll give them a free unicorn, and later we can say we were just joking.
Polyphony Digital: Let's not release GT5 yet, they were foolish enough to give a demo at e3. now we know how their game feels. Lets make ours better than theirs.

LCF3324d ago

Thing is that PD already released a purchasable demo (GT:P) on the PS store and retail(I got the download). On a graphics stand points the GT:P STILL looks better then the shots/bullshots and HD videos that Ive seen of forza 3 and the fact that this is a 2 disc RACER in this day in age is still pretty funny. GT5 will be massive and packed with features and a graphical tour de force only capable on ONE Blu-ray disc.

Dont be surprise to see more of this as time goes on, when games will become even bigger and Microsoft's 1st and 2nd developer's (whats left) backs are against the wall. Turn 10 is like a little shrew that is cornered.

prunchess3324d ago

The onslaught of trash that'll be posted by then about Forza 3 will be incessant. Undoubtedly underlining the weakness of the game.

Forza 3 will be the "spin too far" for MS.

XLiveGamer3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

So lets see... mmm wait how this guys from PS found about this? Well sneaking on Forza forums right?

How did i find out about this CNET Poll? Well... here when i turn of my Xbox 360 and Forza game off. He is complaining about this? well lets see what if all Forza gamers pass more time in Xbox Live than wandering the net and don't find out about this? The poll will be more in favor of GT5 because PS gamers don't spend the same quality time on PSN than Forza gamers because they are still waiting for a GT game. By the way Who the Fnck care about a poll based on Gamers opinion right now when both games haven't been released?

Does this make Turn 10 cheaters? No this make them Smart! Who the hell owning forza and Xbox Live its going to have time to surf on CNET and find that poll? This B.S. is like the >>> Agree and Disagree <<< option here. Here in N4G you find more PS fans than PC or Xbox fans so guess what im going to end up with more disagrees than agrees for this comment. I always smile when i see all this Xbox haters commenting here like every single minute against everything Xbox and they say PSN and online games on PS3 rules over Xbox Live. What happen in your Home and Online Service? Bored?

Conan9973324d ago

it was on n4g for a good half hour yesterday...before being taken down by the mods

waltercross3324d ago

The poll isn't concerning, It's the bribe.