Siliconera Hands On: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers

Layle's Crystal Bearer power allows him to grab and pick up anything or anyone. You activate his ability by pointing at the object you want to grab and hitting B. Once Layle's gravity power connects you can toss barrels (or victims, more on that in a bit) by swinging the Wii remote. If you pull the remote towards you Layle holds the object above his head and you swing the remote forward to throw it it.

You can be a total jerk in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers. The first time you can play with the gravity powers is in the middle of a bustling city, which Layle nearly crashes his airship into. Lilties mind their business until you pick them up and throw them into each other. Sometimes you're rewarded for doing this. An elderly Litly woman dropped coins after I threw her into town guards. There isn't a penalty for being obnoxious either. If a guard sees Layle lifting civilians he will attempt to tackle and knock you down. That's it.

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